’21kg weight loss’ Kim Hyung-seok fashionable like G-Dragon

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Composer Kim Hyung-seok has been in a yo-yo-free shape for four months since he lost 21kg.

Kim Hyung-seok shows off his style that is completely different from before diet with his stylish fashion that makes it hard to believe that he is 56 years old, showing off his long-standing visuals.

Kim Hyung-seok, who regained his health as well as his youth after the 21kg diet, said, “I decided to go on a diet because I was worried that I would lose more health if I didn’t take proper care of my health at the age of mid-50s.”
In particular, he said, “I recovered my healthy body to the point where I was diagnosed that I could stop taking high blood pressure medicine that I used to take every day during the medical checkup after my diet.”

In addition, Kim Hyung-seok, who always felt out of shape due to weight gain and felt numb when working on songs, was happy that his body was full of energy and condition improved after losing weight. Above all, he expressed his feelings that he was attracted to the fact that he was able to express his personality as much as he wanted in the past.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyung-seok has been active in releasing healing piano performances through the “Kim Hyung-seok Piano Music Therapy” channel, which is operated by the portal site Audio Clip, and holding a “Street Art Feat. Celeb” by Street Art Pit Celeb.


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