‘Bro’ Park Yong-taek “‘Bro’ could be produced thanks to the success of ‘Playing Sister'”

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Former professional baseball player Park Yong-taek revealed his feelings on appearing in ‘Bro’.

On the afternoon of the 12th, a production presentation for the T-cast E-channel “Bro” (planned by Bang Hyun-young and directed by Park Ji-eun) was held. Bang Hyun-young CP, Park Ji-eun PD, Park Yong-taek, Jeon Tae-pung, Kim Yo-han, Cho Joon-ho and Bae Sung-jae attended the event, which was broadcast live online in the wake of the spread of COVID-19.

Former professional baseball player Park Yong-taek said, “I was a professional baseball player for 19 years until last year, and then I retired and gave a baseball commentary, but I’m grateful for watching and appearing in a baseball game. ‘Bro’ is really playing. It feels healed. ‘ We seem to be here as well because the ‘Playing Sister’ showed the fun of the athletes. Thank you to the ‘Playing Sister’,” he said.

‘Playing Bro’ is the first half-time program of male sports players who only knew about sports, featuring Park Yong-taek, Jeon Tae-pung, Kim Yo-han, Jo Jun-ho, Koo Bon-gil, and Kim Hyung-gyu. It is a spin-off series of “Noisy Sister” starring Se-ri Park, Hyun-hee Nam, Min-jeong Kwak, Yoo-in Jung, Yoomi Han, and On-ah Kim.

‘Playing Bro’ is co-produced by T-Cast and online video streaming service (OTT) Watcha, and broadcasts every Wednesday at 8:50 pm on the E channel, and is streamed exclusively on Watcha.



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