Cho Young-nam, “Don’t look down on me” to Lee Kyu-won’s criticism over celebrities’ paints

Youngnam Cho. Photo|Star Today DB

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer and writer Cho Young-nam responded to writer Lee Kyu-won of “Hongdae Lee Writer,” who harshly criticized celebrity artists such as Koo Hye-sun.

In an interview with Sports Trends on the 12th, Cho Young-nam said about Lee Kyu-won’s critique of celebrity writers, “If you think celebrities’ works are childish, please tell me how to draw well.” “I’m going to pay for lessons.

“Our art world does not make sharp criticisms like foreign countries. Because we are wary of each other. In this regard, Lee Kyu-won’s direct criticism is worthy of high regard, but he said, ‘I properly ask for criticism of children who are just drawing with motivation.’ Don’t be discouraged if you can’t buy me a canvas,” he said.

Cho Young-nam also said, “I will hold an exhibition on June 4th. Lee Kyu-won, please come and criticize my painting even before that. I’ll put that critique in the pamphlet.

Artist Lee Kyu-won appeared on the podcast “Jung Young-jin and Choi Wook’s Maebul Show” on the 6th and criticized the works of celebrities who also work as artists.

He criticized Koo Hye-sun’s work, saying, “It’s not worth talking about,” and Solbi said, “It was like a middle and high school student until 2020. Looking at the 2021 individual exhibition, it seems that it is now up to the point where it can be displayed. Her paint is not an art of student at Hong Ik University, famous for art. Her painting skill is just like a freshman who loves art. However, regarding Cho Young-nam, he admitted, ‘He is the only celebrity who can be recognized as an artist.'”

Since then, Lee has refuted Koo Hye-sun’s comments, while Internet users have argued.

Lee Kyu-won, a former painter at Hongik University, is currently working under the name “Hongik University Artist Lee.”

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