Jeon Hyo-sung, the 1st Anniversary of ‘Dreaming Radio DJ’

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[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Jeon Hyo-sung celebrated the first anniversary of DJ “Dreaming Radio.”

Jeon Hyo-sung has been stable as a DJ ever since she was selected as the new DJ of MBC FM4U’s “Jeon Hyo-sung’s Dream Radio” on May 11 last year. In particular, while sharing deep sympathy with listeners and communicating with friendly charm, it celebrated the first anniversary of the radio show on the 11th.

Jeon Hyo-sung’s first anniversary is even more meaningful in that it is the first female DJ in 12 years in the history of “Dreaming Radio.” Jeon Hyo-sung, who has been deeply communicating with listeners through excellent progress based on solid experience, has shown perfect harmony by making tikitaka with each unique guest.

On Thursday, when it is easy to get tired, it provides healing with a book introduction section that comforts the rigors of life, and on Friday, it revitalizes the K-pop section, giving warm consolation and sometimes positive energy to those who finish the day. As evidenced by this, Jeon Hyo-sung, who led the broadcast in a variety of ways and established her position as a host, won the 2020 MBC Broadcast Entertainment Awards for Rookie of the Year and was recognized for her ability.

Jeon Hyo-sung, who even earned the nickname “Hyoddi” for her honest talk, said, “It’s been a year since I became a dream radio DJ, so it’s still amazing and new to me.” “I also want to thank the production team who are struggling to make better broadcasts every day.” “The more I do, the more I think I’m falling in love with the radio, where listeners visit and talk at the same time every night as promised.” It’s also great to be able to talk to various people. “I will continue to try to be a “dream radio” where I can rest comfortably and joyfully for a longer time,” she expressed her sincere heart.

On the other hand, Jeon Hyo-sung’s fan club “Superstar” also started supporting the news. Congratulations were sent as a lunch box and a commemorative cake gift for the radio staff, showing off her unwavering passion for Jeon Hyo-sung, creating warmth.

Celebrating the first anniversary of the radio DJ, Jeon Hyo-sung, who has expanded her new field through constant and intimate communication, is drawing keen attention to her future activities in dance, singing, acting, and hosting.

Meanwhile, “Jeon Hyo-sung’s Dreaming Radio,” hosted by Jeon Hyo-sung, is available on MBC FM4U from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. every day.

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