Kim Jae-kyung confirmed to appear in ‘The Devil’s Justice’…Intellect and Breath [Official]

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Kim Jae-kyung has been cast in “The Devil’s Justice”.

Kim Jae-kyung confirmed her appearance in tvN’s new drama “Devil Judge” and heralded her performance. Kim Jae-kyung joined the powerful lineup of actors with solid acting skills such as Ji-sung, Kim Min-jung, Jin-young and Park Kyu-young, raising expectations for the drama.

“The Devil’s Justice”, which announced Kim Jae-kyung’s appearance, is a drama that throws a message about justice through a live court show involving the entire nation against the backdrop of a virtual dystopia, South Korea.
Is the demon judge Kang Hae-han, who appeared in a time of chaos, a hero of everyone or a devil in a judge’s mask? In the drama, Kim Jae-kyung is ready to make another acting transformation as Oh Jin-joo, a judge at the trial court who forced her to do so.

Oh Jin-joo, played by Kim Jae-kyung, is a judge loved by the camera. Thanks to her gorgeous visuals and beautiful talk, she is in the media spotlight of the media. In particular, after entering the Supreme Court with a series of cases, it is expected to add chewy tension to the drama by announcing the birth of a unique character with an ambitious aspect, such as struggling not to miss the opportunity that came to him.

“I’m so honored to work with great directors, writers and actors,” Kim Jae-kyung said. “I’m excited every moment because I can learn a lot from a good field. I want to play Oh Jin-joo, who always enjoys filming and has that joy,” he said, expressing his affection for his work and characters.

In the meantime, Kim Jae-kyung has expanded her acting spectrum, starting with the drama “Life on Mars,” including “Bad Papa” and “The Secret Life of My Secretary”, and recently starring in the movie “Train Station.” Kim Jae-kyung, who captivated the public with her own presence and charm in many works regardless of genre. Attention is also being paid to his new appearance through “The Devil’s Justice”.

“The Devil’s Justice”, starring Kim Jae-kyung, is scheduled to air in the second half of this year.

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