Moon Hee-ok “For me, it’s okay the who filed a lawsuit against me, releases albums again” (‘Miraculous Habit’)

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Moon Hee-ok revealed her feelings at the time she was accused of fraud and intimidation by a junior of her agency.

Moon Hee-ok appeared as a guest in the TV Chosun current affairs program ‘Miraculous Habit’, which aired on the 12th.

In the broadcast that day, Moon Hee-ok mentioned the last 2017 complaint case. At the time, Singer A filed a complaint against Moon Hee-ok’s agency representative of Kim, that he had been sexually harassed and frauduled, and at the same time filed a complaint against Moon Hee-ok for intimidation and fraud. However, he insisted that Moon Hee-ok threatened not to disclose it.

In this regard, Moon Hee-ok said, “If someone asks ‘What should I do in this case?’, shouldn’t we make a decision? You have no choice but to be responsible for choosing one of the two. I was responsible for what I said. I hugged it and closed my mouth.”

Moon Hee-ok, who resumed her activities after being accused of being innocent, said, “I saw that junior singing a while ago, and it was so good. I love that my junior started singing again.”

‘Miracle Habit’. Photo l TV Chosun

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