‘South Korean Foreigner’ Heo Young-ji “Idol dating? Even if cell phones are confiscated…”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Heo Young-ji, a former member of the girl group Kara, revealed the idol’s love methods.

MBC Every1 entertainment program “South Korean Foreigner”, which will air at 8:30 p.m. today (12th), will feature Chakra Hwangbo, Cleo Chae Eun-jung, T-ara Curie and Kara Heo Young-ji as a special feature of “Girl Group by Generation,” which is an era.

As 4 former girl group members gathered together, we talked about old age. MC Kim Yong-man said, “Idols are strictly managed by the company. When asked what kind of management T-ara received when she was a rookie, Curie said, “When I was a rookie, I received weight management, and my cell phone was confiscated a day before my debut.”

When MC Kim Yong-man asked if it was to crack down on secret relationships, Chae Eun-jung answered honestly, saying, “I date everything without a cell phone.” “One of the members must have a cell phone,” Hwang said. “I’ll call the member and exchange them with each other,” she said, explaining the senior idol’s dating method, but immediately withdrew, saying, “Of course, it wasn’t me.” Everyone burst into laughter.

Heo Young-ji then revealed a groundbreaking method, saying, “At that time, if I was deprived of my cell phone, I could connect to the Internet Wi-Fi with MP3 and chat.” Hwangbo and Chae Eun-jung said, “There was no such thing in our time,” and reportedly gave laughter in response to Wang’s old sisters’ years.

Kara’s youngest Heo Young-ji’s quiz challenge can be found today (12th) at 8:30 p.m. on MBC Everyone’s “South Korean Foreigner”.


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