Sung Hoon → Lee Ga-ryeong reading the script for ‘Love 2’… First broadcast on June 12

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While “Love” 2 confirmed its first broadcast on June 12 (Saturday), Sung Hoon, Lee Tae-gon, Park Joo-mi, Lee Ga-ryeong, Lee Min-young, Jeon Soo-kyung and Jeon Noh-min unveiled the scene of “Script Reading,” which exploded more powerful firepower.

TV CHOSUN’s new drama “Marriage Song Divorce Composition 2” (played by Yoo Jung-joon, Lee Seung-hoon/Production Jidam, High Ground, Green Snake Media/hereinafter referred to as “Love 2” scheduled to premiere at 9 p.m. on June 12th (Saturday) has never imagined a story of three attractive female protagonists in their 30s, 40s, and 50s.

Season 1 of “Love” recorded the highest ratings of TV CHOSUN dramas (6.3% nationwide, 7.1% maximum) from the first episode due to the immersive story of South Korea’s leading star writer Phoebe (Lim Sung-han) and 16 consecutive hours.

In particular, in season 1, the first act, in which the conflict between the three couples intensified, and the second act of a new concept of backtracking on an affair that went back 10 months before the affair began, were loved.
In addition, the story of Shin Yoo-shin (Lee Tae-gon), a husband in his 40s who visited his wife when his date with an affair woman failed, and Park Hae-ryun (Jeon Noh-min), a husband in his 50s who slept with an affair woman on her daughter’s birthday, amplified curiosity about season 2.

In this regard, the actors and production team, who reunited after a short break, greeted each other with affection, expressing their excitement for a new start. In addition, the script reading scene, where sparks splashed inside the mask at the beginning, drew curiosity by unfolding the actors’ fantastic breathing and pulling the trigger.

First of all, Sung-hoon, who played the role of Boo Hye-ryeong (Lee Ga-ryeong)’s husband and a judge of a dink lawyer in his third year of marriage, presents a delicate emotional performance that shows various emotions between Boo Hye-ryeong and Song Won (Lee Min-young). In season 2, Lee Tae-gon also received enthusiastic responses for playing Shin Yu-shin, who wants to be a perfect man for his wife Sa Pi-young (Park Joo-mi) and lover Ami (Song Ji-in), in a soft tone and relaxed tone.

Park Joo-mi, who was the happiest wife in season 1, foretold that she would be engulfed in another emotion, keeping the snap of her perfect wife, mother and career woman intact. Lee Ga-ryeong, who has captured the character’s energy with Boo Hye-ryeong’s unique intense smokey makeup, calmly depicts the transforming feelings of her strong sister Boo Hye-ryeong, who does not want to lose money at work and at home.

Lee Min-young created a warm and sincere atmosphere with her acting possessed by Song Won, who shook the second half of the season. Lee Min-young’s bigger performance, which expressed Song Won, raised expectations. Lee Si-eun, who showed the best performance in season 1, has a much higher tone and a more confident tone. She encouraged support for the transformation, and Park Hae-ryeong, who became the worst husband of season 1, gave a different look with more amazing actions.

Song Ji-in, an affair girl who shook Shin Yu-shin’s heart, and Lim Hye-young, Nam Ga-bin, who wandered Park Hae-ryun, Kim Eung-soo, So-jeong Lee Jong-nam, Cho Woong, Yoon Seo-hyun, Seo-ban Moon Sung-ho, Dongma Boo-bae, Hyang-gi, all have more vitality in season 2.

“In ‘The Script Reading’, which was conducted in thorough compliance with quarantine guidelines, the actors’ energy that has been condensed since season 1 exploded, drawing attention to Poten, which will be intensified in season 2,” the production team said. “Season 1 was only an outpost.” “Please pay a lot of attention to season 2 of ‘Final Song’, which is filled with the spicy taste of full-fledged discord,” the official said.

TV CHOSUN’s new drama “Love 2” will premiere on Saturday, June 12 at 9 p.m.

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