Twice Dahyun “T-shirt with Momo, photo taken by Tzuyu”

[Intern reporter Kim Jae-eun on Daily Economy Star Today]

Group Twice Dahyun certified the warm friendship with the members.

Dahyun posted on TWICE’s official Instagram on the 12th, “Annabell and Genie T-shirts drawn by Momo. The picture taken by Tzuyu.”

In the released photo, Dahyun is wearing a cute T-shirt drawn by Momo and spreading her arms wide. Dahyun, who closes her eyes and shows off a T-shirt, is lovely. This is a picture of Tzuyu’s affection.

Fans who saw this showed reactions such as “Momo is a hidden art genius” and “Three friendships are so good”.

Meanwhile, Twice will make a comeback with the new album ‘Taste of Love’ on June 9th.

Photo l Dahyun SNS

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