Will Kim Ok-bin and Lee Ye-bit meet in the’Dark Hall’ disaster, become a survival partner?

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Viewers are paying attention to the relationship between Kim Ok-bin and Lee Ye-bit in OCN’s “Dark Hall.” This is because I wonder if the unique combination created by the survival period can develop into a partnership beyond age.

OCN’s original “Dark Hall” (written by Jeong Yi-do, directed by Kim Bong-joo, production company idol, co-produced by Ascendio, a total of 12 episodes) and elementary school student Jeong Do-yoon (Lee Ye-bit) had a different relationship from their first meeting. Hwa-sunwas the one who saved Do-yoon, who didn’t even know his face, just because he was in danger. However, Do-yoon’s mother, Kim Bo-eun, was not able to reach the rescue.
Shortly before her death, Hwa-sun failed to turn a blind eye to the “little boy” Do-yoon, who was left alone due to her earnest request to protect her daughter. Do-yoon, who lost her mother, and the fireboat who saved her, began to accompany her in Muji City, where mutants were active.

Do-yoon showed high confidence in Hwa-sun. “My mother trusted you. I believe in you, too,” said Lim Joo-ho (Jeong Hae-kyun), who urged “rescue,” and ran to Hwa-sun, which showed her trust decisively. In addition, he strode outside, where black smoke was lurking, to bring a gun, an essential weapon to detective Hwa-sun. Even though he knew he shouldn’t go outside, he took risks for the fire boat that saved him.

However, Hwa-sun was not good at dealing with children. In front of Do-yoon, she also said the fact that her mother Bo-eun died without hesitation, and treated her coldly to Do-yoon, who was wary of her, saying, “You don’t have to get my permission.” The reason was that Do-yoon also had to be strong to survive in extreme disaster situations. Do-yoon, who went outside to pick up a gun for Hwasun, said, “It was reckless.” It was all the more so because the safety of the child was more important than the fact that Do-yoon brought a gun for himself.

As Mujiji teacher Choi Seung-tae (Park Geun-rok) pointed out, “You are not good at talking with children,” in fact, Hwasun is having a hard time not knowing how to treat Do-yoon. Looking at Do-yoon’s eyes, she could feel desperation, but she was afraid if she could protect the child.

It was Seung-tae’s advice to comfort such a fire boat, saying, “What that child wants right now is just that the detective is with you.” Don’t close your heart too much as it’s time to get through it together. So many thoughts passed by Hwa-sun’s eyes looking at Do-yoon in deep sleep.

“Hwa-sun and Do-yoon, who met like fate in a disaster situation, are still in sync, but they will be of great help to each other in the future on the common denominator of losing their families,” the production team said. “Please pay attention to the process of deepening each other and age-above partnership.” “Dark Hall” airs every Friday and Saturday at 10:50 p.m. on OCN, and can be seen together on tvN.



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