‘Afternoon Hope’ 10cm Kwon Jung-yeol “I wish everyone have a good night with ‘Seoul’s sleepless night'”

[Intern reporter Kim Jae-eun on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer 10cm Kwon Jung-yeol showed off his cool talk.

MBC FM4U’s “Afternoon Hope, This is Kim Shin-young” (hereinafter referred to as “Afternoon Hope”), which aired on the 13th, featured Kwon Jung-yeol (10cm), who made a comeback with his new song “Feat. Lee Soo-hyun.”

Kim Shin-young, DJ of the day, said, “He’s a person who captivates the public with lyrics and sweet melodies. Kwon Jung-yeol, a 10-centimeter man with a sly charm, came.

Kim Shin-young said, “I saw a comment. I’m asking Kwon Jung-yeol to work on the song. “What is this? Were you so scared?”

Kwon Jung-yeol said, “Yes, that’s right. However, Kim Shin-young went on a music program and asked less. “I didn’t think I was desperate.”

Kim Shin-young said, “What are you talking about? “I really want to get a song from Kwon Jung-yeol someday,” Kwon Jung-yeol stuttered in embarrassment. Kim Shin-young said, “Why can’t you speak? “I stuttered,” Kwon Jung-yeol said, “I was flustered. “It’s because I’m surprised,” he confessed.

When he heard that Kim Shin-young said he would definitely go out to Jung-hee when the new song came out, Kwon Jung-yeol said, “Last time, it came out as ‘Do you like spring?’ and it was a hit. “So I thought I’d have to appear again when I release my next album.” Kim Shin-young said Kim Shin-young. “Now that I’m here with Jung Hee, I’m sure it’s going to be a hit.”

There was also a story about AKMU Su-hyun, who featured in the movie.

Kim Shin-young said, “Kwon Jung-yeol challenged to feature for the first time. “I heard you were with Su-hyun of AKMU.” Kwon Jung-yeol said, “I don’t like being asked to do things for others. But as soon as I heard the new song with my agency, I remembered Su-hyun. I thought I had to ask for this.”

Kim Shin-young said, “Then Su-hyun was the one pick. If you do it with Su-hyun, you’ll definitely succeed. “You can only call a baby shark,” Su-hyun said. Kwon Jung-yeol also said, “Su-hyun will succeed by calling a real baby shark. “So I appreciate you accepting my offer,” he said.

Regarding the new song, Kwon Jung-yeol said, “There seem to be a lot of people who can’t sleep these days. The new song was prepared for those people. “Seoul looks the most colorful, but that’s not all,” he said, introducing the background of the new song. “If you are in the countryside, you can sleep at 9 o’clock,” Kim Shin-young added, drawing laughter.

Since then, Kwon Jung-yeol, who sang a line of his new song, shyly promoted it, saying, “It’s a song that feels like this, so please show a lot of love.” Kim Shin-young said, “It’s 6 o’clock today! Please listen to it a lot,” he said, adding to the warmth.

Kwon Jung-yeol tactfully answered questions about his wife, Kim Yoon-joo, a female duet rooftop moonlight. Kim Shin-young said, “I have a question about who would like to feature next between the rooftop moonlight and Kim Shin-young. “Please give me an answer.”

Kwon Jung-yeol said, “I am Kim Shin-young. Rooftop moonlight has a strong musical color. That’s why we bump into each other. And if you fight, I lose no matter what. “It’s not musically compatible,” Kim said. Kim Shin-young said, “I don’t have such a thing. I would probably be comfortable,” and Kwon Jung-yeol agreed, “That’s right,” drawing laughter.

Finally, Kwon Jung-yeol wrapped up, saying, “I released a new song, and I hope everyone who can’t sleep well after listening to the new song at 6 p.m. today.”

Meanwhile, 10cm’s new song “Seoul’s Sleepless Night” will be released at 6 p.m. on Thursday. “Sleepless Night in Seoul” is a heartfelt emotional song that comforts those who have endured the unusually slow dawn in the city.


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