Antenna, exhibition hall concert held… Online concert differentiation


[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Antenna held a New Normal Age exhibition concert, heralding a new attempt.

Antenna will hold an exhibition-type concert called “SOUND FRAME” in the New Normal Era, a joint project with everyday gaps for about two months from the 11th to July 11th.

“SOUND FRAME” is a new genre of exhibition combining CONCERT and EXHIBITION under the concept of “Exhibiting Performances,” and is a project prepared with the hope that it will be a good attempt to enjoy performances in the online non-face-to-face era.

In particular, this exhibition-type concert will be held as a joint project in cooperation with everyday gaps and hands aimed at customer experience of new methods of performance in the COVID-19 era. The gap in daily life is LG Uplus’ new customer experience brand and a complex cultural space that has become a hot place for generations of MZ.

The exhibition featured different themes for different artists, expressing various colors of emotional music. In addition, in order to feel the live performance from various perspectives, it was filmed with handheld techniques as close as possible to the artist as possible to make it feel as if they were watching a performance together on stage.

They said, “The era of not being able to perform has been prolonged, and especially singer-songwriters working around the stage have noticeably reduced their place,” adding, “We will pioneer a new type of performance suitable for the present era, starting with ‘SOUND FRAME.’

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