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The musical “Marie Antoinette,” which will kick off at Charlotte Theater on July 13, unveiled a dramatic casting video that cannot be taken off for a moment, heralding another syndrome in the musical world.

Expectations for the cast of “Marie Antoinette” in 2021 were rising as it was loved by the audience every season for its colorful casting lineup that evoked admiration every time. In response, EMK released a casting video of the musical “Marie Antoinette,” which depicts the most spectacular tragedy in French history, on the morning of the 13th, raising expectations for a new season.

The cast video, which was released, is admired by inviting viewers to France, which is colorful and beautiful in the 18th century. The drama, which begins with the extravagant party of Marie Antoinette in colorful desserts, wigs raised to the sky and colorful costumes, is “No bread? Then, follow the famous line “Margrid Arno” who represents the angry people.

The casting video contains significant events that will unfold on stage, including the Duke of Orléans, who instructs him to “split, slander, gossip, and insult the queen with lies,” and the images of Marie Antoinette and Count Ferguson taking a friendly walk in a beautiful garden. Above all, the ending scene, which shows Marie Antoinette, who lived a colorful life, being taken away from her son, and Marie Antoinette, who was in court for shameful charges, leaves a heavy message and a heart-warming lingering impression.

In this casting video, sixteen actors participating in “Marie Antoinette” impactfully conveyed their agony and pain toward truth, justice, and idealism with persuasive lines and acting skills, raising expectations for the work.

Kim So-hyun and Kim So-hyang will be on stage in the role of Marie Antoinette, who has enjoyed everything since birth but falls to the most miserable position. Actress Kim So-hyun, whom the audience loves the most, will return to the role of “Marie Antoinette” three times in a row from premiere to reenactment until this season. Kim So-hyun, who received rave reviews for perfectly digesting the colorful appearance of Marie Antoinette, the queen of a country, with classical dignity and elegance, especially stimulated the audience’s tear glands in each episode by playing Marie Antoinette as a mother who was deprived of her child. Kim is the work of many musical ‘Elizabeth’ and ‘Empress Myeongseong’ and ‘Anna Karenina’ the title role from top actors of the Republic of Korea.

In addition, Kim So-hyang, who has captivated the audience with her outstanding character analysis and explosive singing skills, has been cast in the role of Marie Antoinette. Kim So-hyang, who played the same role for the second time after 2019, said, “I promise to prepare more carefully and show you a good performance without forgetting the love you sent me two years ago.” Kim So-hyang, who will return to more mature and elegant maturity this season, is expected to completely immerse himself in “Marie Antoinette” with his unique presence and various expressions, creating a new “life character.

Kim Yeon-ji and Jung Yu-ji appear in the role of “Margrid Arno,” a figure who incites the French poor and becomes the advocate of the revolution. Magrid Arno is a fictional character for the play, and another protagonist who leads the story in opposition to Marie Antoinette. Kim Yeon-ji, who made her successful debut as a musical actor in the same role in 2019, will be back on stage. Kim Yeon-ji, who has shown her ability based on her explosive singing ability and delicate emotions following “Marie Antoinette” and “Mozart!” said, “Marie Antoinette is also my first debut, so I will study it in depth and show you a great “Margrid Arno.”

On top of that, Jung Yu-ji, who never ceases to grow by showing her rich charm and detailed sensibility in each work, newly joins “Margrid Arno” to prove her limitless capabilities. Jung Yu-ji left a deep impression with soulful charisma in “Notre Dame de Paris,” “Anna Karenina” and “Gwangju.” Attention is focusing on what charm Jung Yu-ji, who overwhelms the stage with her deadly girl crush and rich singing ability, will use to revitalize her work, “Margrid Arno,” a low-class character who leads the revolution in the lead of the public. In particular, the killing number of the work and the appealing explosive voice of “I Don’t Hold It Anymore” sung by “Margrid Arno,” has been cast only by actors with the best singing ability. This is why we are looking forward to “Margrid Arno” that Kim Yeon-ji and Jung Yu-ji will pull off with their respective charms.

Min Woo-hyuk, Lee Seok-hoon, Lee Chang-seop (BTOB) and Do-young (NCT) alternately play the role of the charming and brave Swedish nobleman and Count Axel von Persen, who loves Marie Antoinette. First of all, Min Woo-hyuk, who starred in a big masterpiece and showed solid singing ability, will come on stage to convey the lingering feelings of the stage with his great appearance and desperate sincerity. The role of Count Persen is a speaker who opens the beginning of the play and a profound role that needs to focus on the work and raise the level of immersion, and Min Woo-hyuk said, “Count Persen is a role that requires various emotions to be played. “I will work hard to prepare for the best performance,” he said. Min Woo-hyuk, who is said to have expressed his sad love acting to heavy emotional acting convincingly in his previous work, is expected to play as if he were wearing his own clothes in this work.

Lee Seok-hoon, who has recently gained explosive popularity with the public, will express his charm by presenting the aspect of a vocalist in name and reality. Lee Seok-hoon, who has established himself as a musical actor in name and reality by capturing the main characters of famous musical works, including the musical “Smiling Man,” “Kinky Boots,” and “Gwanghwamun Sonata,” perfectly created his own original character by showing his indisputable luxury vocals and excellent music interpretation. Expectations are also rising for the Count of Persen, whose rich tone and elegant charm Lee Seok-hoon, who has been drawing keen attention day after day, will present at Marie Antoinette.

‘Empress Myeongseong’, ‘Iron mask’, ‘Napoleon’ various explosive stage presence on the stage, such as the Group B2B ichangseop of the collection expected to see a heightened performance on this stage. Lee Chang-seop, who has a solid fan base with his distinctive tone and experienced emotional expression, will showcase his sad and beautiful love for Marie Antoinette in “Marie Antoinette” with delicate tones and mature acting skills. In particular, Lee Chang-seop, who immediately drew admiration from the staff for his emotional performance immersed in the role at the filming site of the casting video, expressed his firm will, saying, “I’m trying hard to portray Lee Chang-seop’s ‘Earl of Persen’ and I’ll act with humility.”

Doyoung of the group NCT also confirmed her musical debut through “Marie Antoinette” this season. Do-young, a member of the global popular group NCT, has shown various aspects across genres such as OST, MC, and entertainment as well as active group activities. He will completely transform himself into the main character of “Marie Antoinette” and present a new charm that has never been seen before. In particular, since the beginning of the discussion on the appearance of Marie Antoinette, rumors have it that she has been taking singing and acting lessons for the musical stage steadily. “It’s such an honor to be part of Marie Antoinette,” Do-young said. I’m nervous about my first musical challenge, but I’m waiting for the day to be on stage. “I will do my best to give you a good performance,” he said before his feelings ahead of his musical debut.

Min Young-gi and Kim Joon-hyun were cast as “The Duke of Orléans,” an ambitious man who did everything he could to take over the French royal family. Min Young-gi, who is trusted by musical enthusiasts with her elegant voice, will appear as “The Duke of Orléans” again following her premiere and reenactment, completing a deeper character. Veteran musical actor Min Young-gi, who has been supporting the center of the play in musicals “Mozart!”, “Gwangju”, “The Man Who Laughs”, “Jack the Ripper” and “Elisabeth”, will fill the stage with his charm this season.

Kim Joon-hyun, who impressed each stage with his charming charisma, will return to the stage in the same role for three consecutive seasons. He is said to have played a leading role in Japan’s top troupe, “Four Seasons,” and to have played a leading role in big works such as the musical “Jack the Ripper,” “Monte Cristo,” “Mata Hari,” “Jekyll and Hyde,” and “Aida,” and has completely played various characters in his own colors.
Kim Joon-hyun is expected to further enhance the drama’s perfection with his unique “The Duke of Orléans,” which was born with his character interpretation skills following last season.

In addition, Lee Han-mil, who received attention in the role of the French king ‘Louis XVI’ in the same role as ‘the best Louis XVI’ in a reenactment, and Marie Antoinette’s true friend ‘Madam Langbab’ as the musical ‘Empress Myeongseong’, Park Hye-mi, who showed warm charisma in ‘Matilda’, was cast. Along with this, Yoon Sun-yong, who showed stable acting skills in musicals ‘Phantom’ and ‘Empress Myeongseong’ in the role of immoral political activist ‘Jacques Eber’, and ‘Montechristo’, in the role of ‘Leonard Hairdresser’, Marie Antoinette’s hair stylist. Mozart!’ Moon Seong-hyuk, who has been active in his back, and his partner, ‘Rose Berteng Designer’ in the role of ‘Bernarda Alba’ and ‘Blue Lane’, and Han Ji-yeon, who are active in favorable reviews such as ‘Phantom’ and ‘Mozart!’, have become a scene stealer. Joo-ah, who is showing off, is cast and strong talented actors are on the stage.

The musical “Marie Antoinette” will meet the audience for its third season at the Charlotte Theater from July 13, 2021.


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