‘Unanswered Questions’ Music director suspicious of GapJil withdraws from popular seasonal drama

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Music director K, who has been suspected of overusing his power in “Unanswered Questions,” will step down from his position as music director of cable channel seasonal dramas that he has been in charge of so far.

The Daily An reported on the 13th that music director K, who was accused of overusing his power on SBS’ current affairs culture program “Unanswered Questions,” will not be in charge of music for popular seasonal dramas on cable channels. The drama, which became popular last year, is set to air Season 2 in June.

In the previous episode of “Unanswered Questions,” which aired on the 8th, Kim In-young appeared and exposed music director K, while investigating allegations of power trip by ghost lyricists and the composition industry.

Composer Kim In-young said, “The names of the creators of all the music on the air went out in the name of the music director. We lived for five years like machines that printed songs. I worked an average of more than 10 hours a day, and 800,000 won was frozen for five years.” It was also shocking to hear that the company had decided to replace all of its names registered with the copyright association with the company’s.

As a result, composer Kim In-young and others filed a lawsuit against former music director K, but it is said that K has been active in the industry, including as the music director of a famous seasonal drama.


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