‘Upgrade man’ Lee Min-jung → Brave Girls, a challenge full of sincerity

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

tvN’s “Upgrade man”, which has moved its time zone, visits viewers with more colorful cast members and sincere upgrade challenges.

tvN’s “Upgrade man”, (directed by Son Chang-woo and Ahn Je-min), which airs every Thursday at 8:40 p.m., is a reality program that directly faces and challenges big and small inconveniences to become a much upgraded me than yesterday, reflecting the recent trend of pursuing “growth” rather than “success.” Previously, various realistic upgrades such as global star Daniel Henney’s breeding dog farm rescue machine, basketball coach Huh Jae’s This Week Challenge, and improved relations with singer Yoo-ha and actress Ko Yoon’s family drew attention every time.

On the evening of the 13th, “Upgrade Man” meets with viewers for the first time after moving through broadcast time, and a video showing future stories is being released, inspiring expectations for the rest of the show.
I pointed out the point of watching “Upgrade  Man,” which foretells a different kind of fun with this richer content.

# Athlete, girl group, musical actor…With more colorful cast, it’s 100 times more fun!

In “Upgrade  Man,” which returned after reorganization, viewers will be captivated by more diverse and enriched cast members. In particular, the video released today is raising expectations as it predicts the appearance of Lee Min-jung, Brave Girls, Heo Woong, and Ham Yeon-ji, who have not been seen on other broadcasts. As the challenges of cast members in various fields, including athletes, girl groups, and musical actors, are depicted, expectations are high for future broadcasts that will be filled with colorful and rich contents. In particular, they are expected to make a very special upgrade that can only be shown in “Upgrade Man,” adding to expectations for the remaining episodes.

#Upgrade full of sincerity & sincerity means 100x!

Another point to watch is the sincere and sincere challenge that can only be seen in “Upgrade Man.” Producer Son Chang-woo, who directed the program earlier, stressed that “sincereness toward upgrade is the first condition of casting,” and said, “We can’t proceed with the casting unless there is any inconvenience we really want to overcome for the upgrade.” Daniel Henney, who had previously set out to improve awareness of dogs and upgrade himself as a companion, drew attention by delivering touching emotions and heavy echoes to the home room with stories of rescuing puppies from breeding farms in poor conditions. In addition, basketball coach Heo Jae, who is known to be a weekly in the entertainment industry, deeply sympathized with drinkers with the week-long challenge, and Kim Jong-min, who said, “It’s uncomfortable to talk,” resolved the misunderstanding and gave importance to communication. Like this, “Upgrade Man” is expected to convey its meaning by portraying sometimes minor and sometimes heavy challenges that everyone has thought about at least once.

# Shin Dong-yup → Seung-hee, generation X-gender 5MC’s ‘true’ immersion 100 times more empathy!

Not only the cast members who are upgrading, but also the five MCs who support their challenges in the studio are important points to watch. In particular, Lee Min-jung, who drew attention as a regular MC for her first entertainment program in her life, is attracting attention as she shows her progress and entertainment skills that are upgraded over and over again. In addition, the five MCs, Shin Dong-yup, Kim Jong-min, DinDin, and Oh My Girl Seung-hee, are sympathizing with the upgrade of the cast, sometimes pleasantly and sometimes seriously.

The natural and friendly chemistry and “stunning” reactions of people across generations and genders are considered points that add interest and fun to viewers.

Producer Son Chang-woo of “Upgrade Man” said, “I’m grateful to viewers for waiting for “Upgrade Man.” “We will try to convey both fun and emotion to viewers with sincere upgrades that will continue in future broadcasts,” he said. “Please look forward to and pay attention to the rest of the stories.”

Meanwhile, the voluntary inconvenience challenge “Upgrade Man,” which proudly confronts inconvenience to upgrade myself and my world, airs every Thursday night at 8:40 p.m. on tvN.



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