‘Curious Story Y’, the story of an old lady who lived 20 years in an apartment parking lot

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

In SBS’s current affairs program ‘Curious Story Y’, we look at the story of an old lady who has been unable to leave an apartment parking lot for 20 years.

A parking lot in an apartment in Jamsil, a blue car full of old trash just before a scrapped car has been standing still for more than 20 years. There was also a seat where people could barely lie in a car full of things so that they couldn’t see the inside. As the production crew approached carefully, a human voice could be heard in a dark car. Surprisingly, the person living in the car was a gray-haired old lady.

Why is she, who refuses to talk with the production crew and drives out, living in a car? But what made us more puzzled is the usual life of the old lady. In the morning, she bought a newspaper at a convenience store, read it, and was spending a peaceful day looking after flowers and trees in a sunny place next to the car.

The old lady wanted not to bother the residents. Several times, local residents and ward offices offered to help, but refused to help, saying that national pension should not be collected. What is the story of the old lady, who has been living in a car for 20 years already?

“As far as I know, my younger sibling lives close to me, and I am willing to take care of her as much as I can, but I stubbornly refuse.

It is said that the old lady who lives in the car was once a resident of this apartment. The old lady, who bought this new apartment in 1978, is somehow handed over the apartment to someone else at an auction in 2001. However, the old lady does not leave the parking lot, claiming that she had the apartment stolen because something went wrong and the house is still her own. What does that apartment mean to the old lady?

“I don’t care about money going up and down, for me. That apartment is the blood of my father who died first. It was the flesh that I didn’t eat and didn’t wear, and collected it…” -An old lady who lives in a car.

The old lady, who refused to talk with the production crew, was relieved by the gift of a small flower pot, showed a bright smile, and began to confide in her heart. What has she been unable to give up for 20 years? What is her living in a car that she wants to get back to? You can check it in ‘Curious Story Y’, which airs at 9 pm on the 14th.


‘A Wonderful Story Y’. Photo lSBS

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