Following Choi Myung-gil, Park Yoon-jae, and Shin Jung-yoon, So Yi-huyn decided to appear in ‘Red Shoes’

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actors Choi Myung-gil, So Yi-hyun, Park Yoon-jae and Shin Jung-yoon have confirmed their casting as the main actors in “Red Shoes.”

KBS2’s new daily drama “Red Shoes” (directed by Park Ki-hyun, screenwriter Hwang Soon-young, produced by OH Story) tells the story of a daughter who fell into an unstoppable bond of desire to avenge her heartless mother who left her father and sick brother for love and desire.

“Red Shoes” is a revenge play between mother and daughter, drawing attention from prospective viewers. Choi Myung-gil, So Yi-hyun, Park Yoon-jae, and Shin Jung-yoon have confirmed their appearances as Min Hee-kyung, Kim Jem-ma, Yoon Ki-seok and Yoon Hyun-seok, respectively, raising expectations for their unique chemistry.

Choi Myung-gil visits the small screen as Min Hee-kyung, a cold-hearted owner who abandoned her family as she reunites with her first love. Choi Myung-gil, who has the sophistication of everything, is expected to portray his elegance and ambition. Also, she, who had previously driven the play in “Elegant Mother and Daughter,” is expected to once again dominate the small screen through “Red Shoes.”

So Yi-hyun plays the role of “Kim Gemma,” who aims at hidden sadness, wounds, and revenge for her mother as she delves into the secrets related to her father’s death in the drama. While attention is focused on So Yi-hyun’s return to work in two years, she, who has built up solid acting skills, stimulates curiosity about what intense acting transformation she will show in “Red Shoes.”

Park Yoon-jae, an idol of ajumma, plays Yoon Ki-seok, who doesn’t believe in love due to his wife’s betrayal in the past, but falls in love with Kim Gemma without realizing it. Park Yoon-jae caught the eye by showing off his amazing synchronization with Yang Nam-jin’s character in his previous film “Fate Away.” As a result, he is raising expectations for his potential, which has been attracting him indefinitely with stable acting.

Finally, Shin Jung-yoon, who successfully completed his previous work, “Amazing Legacy,” will perform enthusiastically as Yoon Ki-seok’s younger brother, “Yoon Hyun-seok,” who has a free soul and rebellious charm.
Shin Jung-yoon, who has accumulated filmography step by step, will show his brilliant presence with proven acting skills as well as excellent character digestion.

As such, “Red Shoes,” which is expected from the meeting of luxury actors, further amplifies the curiosity of prospective viewers, heralding an unconventional story and a feast of colorful characters.

“Red Shoes” will be joined by writer Hwang Soon-young and director Park Ki-hyun, masters of daily dramas such as “Ruby Ring” and “Cuckoo’s Nest.” It will be followed by ‘Miss Monte Cristo’.

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