JAY B from GOT7 exposes naked female photos during Live Broadcast

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

The photo of JAY B, a former GOT7, during a live broadcast is controversial.

JB hosted a live SNS broadcast on the 13th and expressed his feelings about moving his agency to Haier Music Records and making a fresh start.

However, after the broadcast, there was an article on the online community that took issue with the background of the space where J.B. hosted the broadcast. There were several obscene pictures, including naked women, on the wall behind JAY B.

Internet users continue to point out that even minors can watch the live broadcast, saying, “Isn’t it too much for teenagers to watch?” “I wonder why you put obscene pictures,,” and “Shouldn’t you be careful when you broadcasting?”

Meanwhile, JAY B is releasing their first single today (14th) after joining the label.


Photo l Online Community

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