Jin Joong-kwon criticized Lee Kyu-won who looked down on Koo Hye-sun’s works…”Your work is also poor.”

Jin Jung-kwon (left), Koo Hye-sun. Photo ㅣJTBC;Star Today DB

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Jin Joong-kwon, a former professor at Dongyang University, criticized Lee Kyu-won, a “Hongik University artist,” who recently condemned actress Koo Hye-sun’s paintings.

Former professor Jin Joong-kwon shared an article about Koo Hye-sun and Lee Kyu-won on his Facebook page on the 13th, saying, “The concept of artist Lee Kyu-won’s work is also poor.”

“Whoever you draw, you just need someone you like. A problem that you can buy your favorite painting with money. It’s not necessarily a great piece of work that’s sold, but it’s not necessarily a great piece that’s not sold.”

Also, “Celebrities’ work is not harmful to writers. Why on earth do they feel deprived there? If the painting buyers bought it just because it was painted by celebrities, they won’t buy their works anyway,” he said. “Is it only when Korea comes to Hongdae that they are qualified as writers?”

Former professor Jin Joong-kwon said, “The same goes for humanities. Seol Min-seok and Choi Jin-ki are not harmful to humanities. “It’s just a different talent, and what they do is different,” he said. “Even if Seol Min-seok and Choi Jin-ki’s lectures are missing, it’s not like they’re buying books and taking lectures from humanities. Mistakes, errors, misunderstandings and misreading are common among humanities.”

“I sometimes make ridiculous mistakes during lectures. It’s something that we need to point out and fix at that’s what we need to do.”

Lee Kyu-won, who previously worked as an art critic, appeared on the podcast “Jung Young-jin and Choi Wook’s Maebul Show” on the 6th and said, “Koo Hye-sun is incompetent as an artist. She’s a writer and film director and artist. But as for her arts, she doesn’t deserve to work as an artist. I hope she just work as an actress.”

Koo Hye-sun responded leisurely, saying, “I am happy to introduce my painting again like this thanks to Lee Kyu-won.”

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