‘MMTG’ Oh My Girl Jiho “’Closer’ is actually a hymn”

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Oh My Girl Jiho said “Closer” was originally an American hymn.

On the YouTube channel ‘MMTG’ released a video, titled “‘What I did is Closer My Heart~’ It actually means that I’m getting close to Jesus…? What is Oh My Girl’s best song?”.

In the released video, MC Jae-jae talked with OH MY GIRL about “The Best song of Oh My Girl.”

Jiho said, “Closer was not a K-pop song,” drawing curiosity.
“It was an American hymn. However, after listening to this demo song, I liked it so much that I asked for it, saying, ‘I really want to release this song for my band’s album.’ That’s why the song became a K-pop.” She surprised MC Jae-jae by revealing a surprising behind-the-scenes story.

When Jiho said, “Closer, it’s one step closer,” Jaejae was surprised, saying, “Oh, to Jesus?”

Seung-hee gathered her hands and sang a line of “One Step Closer My Heart~” and explained the meaning, “I’m taking a step closer to my father.” “The meaning of K-pop has changed,” Jiho added.

When Jae-jae said, “So you don’t care about ‘Closer’ and Buddhism,” Seung-hee said, “I accept Buddhism,” and Ji-ho said, “We became K-pop to listen together. “It’s too good to be locked up in religion,” she said with good sense.

Jiho said, “The title was meaningful, so I went with ‘Closer’. “But it doesn’t mean that we’re going to the Jesus.”

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