‘Move to Heaven’ released today (14th)… Behind the scenes of laughter and tears

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Netflix’s “Move to Heaven” unveiled a behind-the-scenes still with a warm atmosphere ahead of its release.

Netflix’s original series “Move to Heaven,” which tells the story of Asperger’s syndrome and his guardian Sang-gu helping the last director of the deceased and delivering stories they haven’t told to the rest of the world, unveiled a behind-the-scenes still.

The released still features passionate filming sites and warm chemistry of the “Move to Heaven” family, including Lee Je-hoon, Tang Joon-sang, Hong Seung-hee, Ji Jin-hee, Choi Soo-young and director Kim Sung-ho. Lee Je-hoon’s energetic energy, which borrows the production team’s camera and smiles playfully, allows him to know the atmosphere of the set.
In addition, Tang Joon-sang, who talks seriously with director Kim Sung-ho even after the camera is turned off, represents the intense efforts and concerns of actors who did their best to convey the sincerity of the series.

“Thanks to Tang Jun-sang and Hong Seung-hee, who accepted my jokes on the spot, I was able to concentrate on the shooting in a comfortable atmosphere.” said Lee Je-hoon, who was known as the mood maker on the set. “They are very grateful to me,” he said. “I have strong friendship and trust in my fellow actors. Tang Joon-sang and Hong Seung-hee also raised expectations for the chemistry they created by saying, “It was a warm and glorious scene.”

Inspired by Yoon Ji-ryeon’s essay “Things Left After Leaving,” CEO Kim Sae-byul, “Move to Heaven” tells the painful story of many people we passed indifferently, including lonely deaths, industrial accidents, dating violence and adoptees. Many actors, who sympathized with the sincerity of the story, were willing to participate in each episode and completed the performance with heartfelt and touching stories.

“Move to Heaven,” which will convey a heartbreaking impression to viewers around the world with the heartbreaking stories of people around us who have been turning away, will be released only on Netflix at 4 p.m. today (14th).


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