Nana’s closing remarks, “With ‘Oh My Ladylord’, every moment is a good memory.”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Nana’s drama “Oh My Ladylord’ expressed her feelings about ending the show.

In MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama, “Oh My Ladylord”, Nana played Oh Ju-in, the best romantic romantic actress in Korea, and left a deep lingering impression with her dense acting that conveyed touching family love and affectionate romance to the small screen.

Nana, through her agency Pledis Entertainment, said, “Thank you to all the people who loved ‘Oh My Ladylord’. The time we have made together with the hard-working staff, seniors, and colleagues is passing by.”

“Every moment remains a good memory.”

Nana went on to say, “With ‘Oh My Ladylord’, I met great people and grew up a lot and became firm. It reminded me of the importance of the person who always seems to be next to me. It was an opportunity to look back on myself and it was a grateful work that enlightened me a lot.”

In “Oh My Ladylord”, Nana led the play by portraying Oh Ju-in’s character in three dimensions with a wide spectrum of acting. In particular, from the first meeting of a quarrel to a romance full of excitement, separation and reunion, they delicately expressed their deepening emotional lines, making viewers laugh and cry together and fall in love with Oh Ju-in’s charm.

Starting with her Korean drama debut film “Good Wife,” Nana is building filmography step by step, crossing various genres based on her solid acting skills such as the movie “Killer,” drama “Kill It,” “Justice” and “Running Table.”

The last episode of ‘Oh My Ladylord’ ended on the 13th.

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