‘Sayuri’s son’ Zen, long-haired transformation’ shows cuteness’

[Intern reporter Kim Jae-eun on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Zen, the son of Japanese broadcaster Sayuri, wore a wig and looked cute.

The teaser video for KBS2 entertainment program “The Return of Superman” released on the 13th showed trot singer Jung Mi-ae visiting her home in Sayuri with her son.

Sayuri was surprised to see Jung Mi-ae’s son Seung-woo’s hair. Sayuri said, “Zen, do you want us to share the good stuff? Give it to me.”
Jung Mi-ae said, “If you can take it, take it.”

Later, Jung Mi-ae presented a baby wig to the envious Sayuri. Sayuri, who immediately put a wig on Jen, smiled, saying, “It’s so cute.” Jung Mi-ae also put a wig on her son and replied, “It was so funny and cute that I burst into laughter.” Since then, the two, wearing other wigs, couldn’t hide their smiles at the cute children.

Meanwhile, KBS2 ‘The Return of Superman’ airs every Sunday at 9:15 p.m.


Photoㅣ KBS2’Superman is back’ capture

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