Yang Ji-eun, today (14th) make her official debut with Cho Young-soo’s song → ‘Life’ released

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

With “Miss Trot 2” winner Yang Ji-eun making her official debut, interest in “Living” is rising.

Yang Ji-eun will release her debut single “Life” on various music sites at 6 p.m. on the 14th and release her music video. As he has been loved by the nation through the TV Chosun entertainment program “Miss Trot 2,” Yang Ji-eun’s move to become a “trot queen” through her official debut is drawing attention.

# Composer Cho Young-soo’s strong support shot

Yang Ji-eun’s official debut song “Life” is a “tailored” song specially completed for Yang Ji-eun alone by Cho Young-soo, a composer of Korea’s leading “hitmaker.”

In particular, while Cho Young-soo is recognized as a “hit maker,” who has worked on Lim Young-woong’s “Now Trust Me,” which has recently been loved by all ages, SG Wanna-Bee’s “La La La” and “My Person,” it is expected that “Life” will also win the hearts of the public and perform well on music charts.

In addition, Cho Young-soo, who evaluated Yang Ji-eun as an “unstained gemstone,” said, “Like Lee Sun-hee, she is powerful, rough, but delicate. “As a composer, I became greedy,” he praised Yang Ji-eun’s infinite possibilities.

As the perfect production of Cho Young-soo and Yang Ji-eun’s beautiful vocals comforting the listeners met, explosive synergy is expected.

# The emergence of a heart-throbbing “Korean voice”

Yang Ji-eun, who has learned Korean traditional music since elementary school and swept various pansori competitions, has been different since “Rice cake leaf.” Yang Ji-eun, who has the unique sentiment of “Han” in her voice, will present a heavy impression and deep lingering feeling through “Life”.

“Life” is a song based on the rhythm of Korean traditional music, Gutgeori rhythm, and is a classical and emotional melody with a full orchestra of string and wind instruments. It is a large-scale song that meets the dignity and dignity of “Miss Trot 2” Jin, and Yang Ji-eun is completed with a perfect harmony with a frosty voice, which is considered a “exclusive patent.”

Yang Ji-eun is expected to proudly become a “national singer” with her unique delicate and deep voice.

# Representative’s announcement of a song of consolation to the people in 2021

“Life” is an addictive melody that can be touched and sympathized with by all people in their 20s and 80s. It was completed as a true “people’s consolation song” with lyrics that can give hope to modern people of this era who are struggling, such as “When they get old in time, they live in memories” and “The spring day of my life is today.”

As “Life” is a song made in the hope that listeners can truly feel and hold hope, Yang Ji-eun plans to sing with sincerity, touch the hearts of the people and deliver warm consolation.

Yang Ji-eun proudly became a “miracle Cinderella” with the honor of “Miss Trot 2” Jin, and communicated with the entire nation through “Life”, heralding the rise of the nation’s “trot queen.”

Yang Ji-eun, who previously unveiled concept photos, voice teasers, and music video teasers in a row, raising expectations and curiosity about her official debut with her unique singing, Her sorrow voice, and elegant and sophisticated visuals, will be active in various broadcasts in the future.

Meanwhile, Yang Ji-eun’s debut single “Life” will be released on music sites before 6 p.m. on Wednesday.


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