Yang Yo-seop X Lee Ki-kwang ‘Where is My Home’ sortie… Highlight medley revealed

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[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group Highlight Yang Yo-seop and Lee Gi-kwang will join “Where is My Home” as new coordinators.

MBC’s “Where is My Home”(directed by Lim Kyung-sik, Lee Min-hee) will air on the 16th, and singers Yang Yo-seop, Lee Ki-kwang, Jang Dong-min, comedians Lee Jin-ho, Yang Se-chan, and space designer Lim Sung-bin will visit Yangpyeong and Gapyeong, respectively.

In the broadcast on this day, a three-member family who has been a weekend family for six years will appear as a client. Currently, the client’s mother is working as a nurse in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, and the client’s father runs a business in Bundang, Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province.

They have been family members for six years because of their jobs, and they felt sorry for their daughter and decided to find a house in the middle. Hope area is a house with a yard between Chuncheon and Bundang, Gapyeong and Yangpyeong. It also said it wanted a nature-friendly view that could be view-blazed, and the budget could range from 500 million won to 600 million won.

To this end, last week’s clothing team introduced Yang Yo-seop, Lee Ki-kwang and Jang Dong-min of the group Highlight to introduce the “South Steel View House” with a beautiful view of the Namhan River. Comedian Lee Jin-ho, space designer Lim Sung-bin and Yang Se-chan were on the show. Team Deok introduced a bread house with a unique appearance that resembles bread, drawing attention.

This week, the coordinates of the Bok team visited Yongmun-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, a magnificent rural house in a fantastic natural landscape. Jang Dong-min said before introducing the sale in earnest, “It is the best house in the country.” In particular, Jang Dong-min amplifies curiosity by saying, “It is a house made by a person who has lived a lot of housing life,” with the appearance of a large-scale projector in the yard, a large-scale living room, and various ideas that will enrich the quality of life.

Whenever the inside of the sale is made public, the coordinates of both teams can’t keep their mouths shut and exclaim. In particular, Park Na-rae, who saw the dressing room in her bedroom that seemed to have moved the luxury showroom, raises expectations by saying, “It’s the most luxurious dress room I’ve ever seen.

Also, “Where is My Home” has the first active option. Indoor climbing installed in a space for children is given as a basic option, attracting attention.
Yang Yo-seop even introduces climbing himself, saying that he is robust enough for adult men. Lim Sung-bin said, “Indoor climbing is hard to come out without complete reinforcement.”

Meanwhile, Yang Yo-seop and Lee Ki-kwang sing their hit songs as medley whenever the highlight space of the sale appears. Rumor has it that Boom, who missed the chance to dance battle with the two, constantly expressed regret, making everyone laugh. The show will air at 10:45 p.m. on the 16th.


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