“In Soon-yi → Participation in the eve girl”…’2021 Now We Are One Again’ released

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

“2021 Now We Are One Again” is finally unveiled.

According to the Korea Entertainment Producers Association (Chairman Lim Baek-woon), “2021 Now We Are One Again” will be released on Melon’s music site at noon on the 17th. In 1999, the best singers of the time gathered together to deliver a message of hope, and the song “Be One” returns to “Be One and 2021” with new hopes.

The original song, “Becoming One,” released in 1999 by the Korea Entertainment Producers Association, is a song about a commitment and promise to make a future of hope as one, family, friends, neighbors, and all. The song was created to support the people in times of hardship after the IMF.

At that time, all of the best singers participated, giving emotional impression and comfort to the listeners with a message of hope and powerful voice.

The title track of the newly produced album “2021 Now We Are One Again” was also created to overcome the current crisis, which is in an unprecedented pandamic situation due to the prolonged Korona 19 crisis.

The artists who participated in “2021 Now One Again” are also brilliant. A total of 34 teams (62 singers), including In Soon-yi, Ok Joo-hyun, Baek Ji-young, Park Bom, Kim Jae-hwan, Hwang Chi-yeol, Brave Girls, Red Velvet’s Seulgi, NCT’s Do-young, Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon and Yoo-hyun, and Golden Child’s Y, added strength to the best producer Choi Joon-young, who created various hit songs.

In particular, singers who participated in the original song and the best singers as of 2021 are expected to participate, giving a special message of hope to not only domestic but also global fans.

Moreover, “2021 Now We Are One Again” is expected to release the production process and completed music video on SBS’ “Hope TV” on Friday, May 28, adding to expectations.

Meanwhile, 769 Entertainment Co., Ltd., Kakao Co., Ltd., Kakao Entertainment Co., Ltd., and Hyundai Oilbank Co., Ltd. participated in the production of the “2021 Now One Again” album, and Big Stone Studio sponsored the venue. The proceeds from the song “Let’s Be One 2021,” which will be released this time, will be donated in full to our neighbors in need of Covid-19 in the name of the Korean Entertainment Producers Association and singers who participated in talent donations.


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