‘King of Mask Singer’ Kang Ye-bin → Mo Tae-beom, all stars with a sense of presence… Best viewing rate 10.2%

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

All of the top stars appeared in “King of Mask Singer”.

MBC’s entertainment program “King of Masked Singer,” which aired on the 16th, featured a colorful duet stage of eight masked singers to prevent the emerging king “May Emerald.”

The identity of “Block,” which properly showed clear and fine tones, was Korea’s first UFC Octagon Girl and all-around entertainer Kang Ye-bin. Kang Ye-bin, who revealed her identity by singing ‘Why don’t you know’? She said in an interview after revealing her identity that she appeared to reassure her parents, “I had stopped listening to and singing since the recent singing contest.

But my parents worried a lot. “So I came out to report my survival to my parents. Unfortunately, she was stripped of her mask by a rather wide margin of 20:1. However, Kang Ye-bin was applauded for her easy-going appearance, answering coolly, “Where’s the vote?”

“Champion,” which captivated the judges with a song full of sincerity, was Mo Tae-beom, the first speed skating gold medalist in Korea. He expressed his confidence in the song, saying, “I was embarrassed to sing, and I was very nervous,” and, “Lee Hyung-taek and Kwak Yoon-ki appeared, but I did better than Hyung-taek!” In an interview, Mo confessed his prejudice against his thighs and impressions. He said, “Everyone keeps trying to touch my thighs, and now I’m out of confidence because they ask me why I’m so mushy.” “If you don’t smile, people look at you coldly because you have a sharp impression, but it turns out that you have a cute side that does nail art,” he said with unexpected charm.

The masked singer, who sang 2NE1’s “Lonely” was actor Kim Do-hyun, who played the role of Kim So-yeon’s secretary in the hot drama “Penthouse.” Sandara Park, the judge, praised him, saying, “He sang it so well that I couldn’t think of 2NE1.” Kim Do-hyun, who showed her excellent singing skills but was unfortunately eliminated, revealed her identity by singing Bobby Kim’s Ma Ma. Judge Yoon Sang said, “It was a really good stage, but it doesn’t make sense to be eliminated in the first round,” expressing regret over his elimination. Kim Do-hyun, who played the role of “Secretary of the Provincial Government” in “Penthouse,” showed a strong performance. “There was a scene where Kim So-yeon slapped me in the face. My senior was very sorry and said that it would be helpful even though it was a hard acting, and good things would happen, but now that I’m able to sing on such a great stage, I think something really good happened,” Kim So-yeon said.

“Hallabong,” which showed a deep performance with a deep voice, was the originator of vocal mimicry gag! Choi Byung-seo, a legend in the Korean gag world. Comedian juniors Ahn Il-kwon and Kim Gu-ra welcomed Choi Byung-seo early, and he showed various vocal mimicry such as Cho Yong-pil, Lee Deok-hwa and Hyun-chul after revealing his identity as the number one vocal mimicry. In particular, he released an episode that was recognized as the number one impersonator of Cho Yong-pil to catch the attention of viewers.

“It’s a shame that each broadcaster has lost its authentic comedy,” he said. “I want to act with my juniors when the comedy show is revived,” he said, drawing applause from his juniors. Choi Byung-seo’s identity disclosure shot the highest viewer rating of 10.2%.

Meanwhile, the secret stage prepared by “May Emerald,” the king of the first king’s defense, and the full-fledged solo stage of the four semi-finalists can be found at 6:10 p.m. this Sunday at “King of Mask Singer.”


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