Lim Seong-bin parodies Choi Joon (‘Where is My Home’)

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Director Lim Seong-bin has turned into Choi Joon, the cafe’s president.

MBC’s entertainment program “Where is My Home”, which aired on the 16th, depicts a welfare team and a Deok team looking for detached houses in Gapyeong and Yangpyeong, where families can live together on weekends.

On the same day, interior experts Lim Seong-bin, comedians Lee Jin-ho and Yang Se-chan introduced Gapyeong’s sales. Lim Seong-bin, who introduced the name of the house as “View Face-to-face House,” then turned into Choi Jun.

Lim Seong-bin, with Choi Jun’s trademark hair, said, “Uh! “Daeun, I want to have a cup of coffee while looking at this view,” he even winked while singing her wife, actress Shin Da-eun, with a nasal sound.

Yang Se-hyung freaked out, saying, “Ugh! My eyes,” and Park Na-rae pressed, “Two comedians (Lee Jin-ho, Yang Se-chan), what are you doing?”

Yang Se-chan said, “We are raising (Lim Seong-bin) as a new comedian. Blow in. Blink in. (New parody of “June in.”) Laughing wildly.

Photo| MBC’Save Me Holmes’ broadcast screen
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