Seo Shin-ae shared her daily life, after coming forward with her school violence perpetrated by Sujin of (G)I-dle

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Seo Shin-ae has revealed the good news after the exposure of (G)I-dle Sujin’s school violence.

On the 17th, Seo Shin-ae posted a video of the TikTok Challenge on her Instagram story.

In the released video, Seo Shin-ae acted on her facial expression along with an acquaintance in English. Seo Shin-ae, with a funny and happy smile, shines in her innocent and cute beauty.

In February, after suspicion of school violence by group (G)I-dle Sujin was raised, it was argued that actor Seo Shin-ae was also a victim of Sujin’s abuse in middle school. Seo Shin-ae refused to talk about this, but when Sujin asked her to disclose her  position, she gave up courage.

On March 26, Seo Shin-ae revealed the abuse she suffered from Sujin on Instagram on March 26, and netizens cheered for Seo Shin-ae, who stepped up proudly.

Photo| Seo Shinae SNS
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