‘Dark Hole’ Bae Jeong-hwa x Kim Byung-ki x Song Sang-eun, a spoonful of doubt

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OCN’s original “Dark Hole” (playwright Jung Yi-do, director Kim Bong-joo, idol of a production company, co-produced Ascendio, a total of 12 episodes) depicts the selfishness of people who are scarier than a variant. In the last episode, the instant collapse of the Muji High School, where survivors gathered, was a crucial example of what the selfishness would bring. It was a moment when I realized, “I’m scarier than a variant,” as Muji High School student Han Dong-rim (Oh Yoo-jin) lamented. In particular, a spoonful of questions sprinkled on Han Ji-soo (Bae Jeong-hwa), Kim Sun-nyeo (Song Sang-eun) and Choi Kyung-soo (Kim Byung-ki) amplify the cool tension.

■ What do you do secretly in the isolation room?

Han Ji-soo of Muji Hospital was a doctor with a strong sense of duty to think of others before his safety even in a disaster situation where mutants appear. It was Han Ji-soo who ordered Yoo Tae-han (Lee Joon-hyuk) and pregnant woman Yoon Ji-ae (Kim Soo-eul) to open the door to enter the emergency room, so viewers’ confidence in her naturally increased. However, the seeds of doubt began to sprout from the belief that was like ironstone in the last broadcast. Han Ji-soo was particularly sensitive to isolation rooms. He warned his guardian who wanted to see his mother in quarantine there, and Yoon Sae-byeol (Lee Ha-eun), who came to find Seline, to refrain from entering. It was not long before a surprising fact. Han Ji-soo was giving injections to a bound variant in the isolation ward. It was like Han Ji-soo’s laboratory, not a place to treat patients.

■ Song Sang-eun’s loyalty to him and sacrifice?

Kim Sun-nyeo, a village shaman who was weak at Muji Hospital, is shaking the hospital as she gradually reveals her fierce true colors. “I know everything. He showed everything,” he said, expressing omnipotent dignity, but in fact, he is using fear to manipulate people. For example, Lee Young-tae (Jang Sung-won), a bodyguard at Muji Hospital, ignored all the cries of those who earnestly appealed to open the hospital door and only watched them die before their eyes. When Sun-nyeo Kim knew the ugly side that no one knew, she was terrified, and Sun-nyeo Kim abused it to manipulate him, saying, “If you want to live, you just have to do what she tells you to do.” And Lee Young-tae, who wanted to live, followed her instructions to bring Lanu (Hussain Elias), who killed the owner of the barn, as an offering to him. Looking at Lanu shivering, he said, “Don’t be afraid. “I’m trying to give you pleasure,” said Kim Sun-nyeo, who gave you goosebumps. What is she trying to accomplish by sacrificing?

■ Oh Yu-jin’s father’s hit-and-run criminal is Kim Byung-ki?

There was a separate reason why Han Dong-rim was more afraid of people than of mutants. Dad lost his life in a hit-and-run accident, but no one was punished. Rather, Dong-rim was frustrated by the reality that the victims seemed to be being punished.

In addition, the hit-and-run criminal who drove his father to death is ignorance and Chairman Choi Kyung-soo. As a power-minded man to the bone, he began to shut up Nassena (Nassena), who was on the phone with his fellow passengers, with a promise of a teacher and a sugarcoat to take responsibility until the end, and Dong-rim’s father ended so sadly and lonely. This was why Dong-rim had no choice but to deny the “order,” “justice,” and “love” that he teaches to students at school. It can be inferred that this is why she treats Choi Seung-tae (Park Geun-rok), the son of the chairman, coldly. Choi Kyung-soo has become a variant, but it stimulates curiosity about how their intertwined relationship will affect the future of Dong-rim and Seung-tae, who are living together.

“Dark Hole” airs every Friday and Saturday at 10:50 p.m. on OCN, and can also be seen on tvN.



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