Kim Ah-joong ‘Korean Actors 200’ pictorial, falling ‘black hole eyes’

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Kim Ah-joong’s photo shoot for the Korean Actors 200 campaign was released.

“Korean Actors 200” by the Korean Film Council (Chairman Kim Young-jin, hereinafter referred to as Kopik) is a global campaign conducted to raise the global awareness of Korea’s leading movie stars and expand their chances of overseas expansion. The 200 actors who participate in the campaign are representative of the present and future of Korean films, and will be selected in consideration of whether they have appeared in Korean films, won film festivals, contribution to independent films, and participation in global projects over the past decade.

Kim Ah-joong in the pictorial released through Kofic’s overseas expansion platform, KoBiz, overwhelmed the eyes with her seductive aura.
In particular, the “black hole eyes” and flawless beauty that penetrate the screen conveyed the aspect of “photo queen,” further enhancing the completeness of the pictorial.

Based on his deep acting skills, Kim Ah-joong has built up unrivaled filmography, showing perfect character digestibility in every work.
Through the movie “Beauty is Suffering” (director Kim Yong-hwa), it captivated 6.08 million viewers with its perfect performance, including acting and visuals, as well as musical skills, and drew rave reviews by portraying the character’s emotional changes in three-dimensional ways.

He then stood as a screen queen regardless of genre through the films “My PS Partner” (director Byun Sung-hyun), “Catch Me” (director Lee Hyun-jong), “The King” (director Han Jae-rim) and “Bad Guys: The Movie” (director Son Yong-ho). In particular, the movie “Bad Guys: The Movie” captivated 4 million viewers with its wide acting spectrum that captivated not only comedy but also action, solidifying its position as a “box actor.”

Meanwhile, Kim Ah-joong’s unique aura-filled pictorials and filmography videos can be found on the “Korean Actors 200” special web page.

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