‘Korean History Certificate’ Jeon Hyo-sung, Commemoration of the 5.18 Pro-democracy Movement in Gwangju… “I will not forget the sacrifices of citizens”

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Jeon Hyo-sung paid tribute to the May 18 Gwangju Democratic Movement.

On the 18th, Jeon Hyo-sung posted a photo on her Instagram and said, “41 years passed since the Pro-democracy Movement in Gwangju on May 18, 1980.” “We will not forget and remember the many blood and sacrifices we have made.”

In the released photo, “REMEMBER 5.18” is written along with a ribbon commemorating the May 18 pro-democracy movement.

In the past, Jeon Hyo-sung was criticized for using words used by members of the Daily Best Repository to mock “democratization.” Since then, Jeon has acquired a third-degree Korean history test for her steady study of history, and has been honoring the May 18 pro-democracy movement for eight years.

Internet users who saw this said, “They’re living comfortably like this. Thank you”, “I think it’s a good influence to remember even one more of their sacrifices thanks to such an influential star”, “Let’s remember Gwangju without forgetting it,” and “The One Who Shows It with Action” together.


Photo| Hyosung Jeon SNS
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