Lee Ji-hye announces her second pregnancy

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Lee Ji-hye, a former member of a band ‘Sharp’, announced her second pregnancy.

On the 18th, Lee Ji-hye said on her Instagram, “I’m so happy to share the good news. “It’s still too early, so I’m careful and cautious, but please cheer me on so that I can meet you in good health without any problems.”

“#I’m sorry I couldn’t answer every single day #Thank you. #Please cheer for me #Tary’s got a brother. # Morning sickness hell I left a hashtag, “LOL.”

The photo released together shows Lee Ji-hye and Moon Jae-wan’s family.
The faces of the smiling family are filled with happiness. In particular, Lee Ji-hye’s husband, Moon Jae-wan, smiled brightly with a baby doll and cutely hinted that she would soon become a family of four.

Congratulations from fellow celebrities who saw this poured in. Singer Haha said, “Wow!!! This is crazy!!! Congratulations!♥” and Park Seul-gi, a broadcaster, said, “Congratulations to you so much ♥ I pray for you ♥” and was as happy as tomorrow. Comedian Kim Ji-hye said, “Congratulations~” “I’m touched. Eat a lot of delicious food. Take care of your health~” and other pregnant Lee Ji-ae’s health.

Especially, rapper DinDin, who appeared in the conception dream and gave me a diamond ring, said, “It’s amazing! Congratulations♥” was amazing.

Lee Ji-hye and Moon Jae-wan reported their pregnancy on SBS entertainment program “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2-You Are My Destiny,” which aired on the 17th. The couple became pregnant after three vitro procedures. Lee Ji-hye shed tears of joy when she saw the results of the pregnancy test, and Moon Jae-in, who saw it, shed tears of emotion, making viewers moved.


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