‘Love 2’ Jeon No-Min and Jeon Soo-kyung, a couple in their 50s’Conversation of Enrage

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“No more! There’s no icon of commitment!”

Jeon Soo-kyung and Jeon No-min of TV CHOSUN’s new weekend drama “Love 2” unveiled the scene of the “Rage Dialogue” of a couple in their 50s, casting an atmosphere of urgency.

TV CHOSUN’s new weekend drama, “Love” (played by Lim Sung-han)/directed by Yoo Jung-joon, Lee Seung-hoon/produced by Gidam Media, Highground, Green Snake Media), which is scheduled to air at 9 p.m. on June 12 (Saturday) is a story of three attractive princesses in their 30s, 40s and 50s.

Above all, “Love”, which aired earlier, is a realistic story that highlights Phoebe’s love, marriage, and sharp eyes on the couple, giving viewers sympathy and shock, setting a successful record of topping the 16th episode.

In particular, couples in their 50s caught the eye by showing off their strong presence from their first appearance to the ending. The two, who met in the third year of high school and continued their trust for 30 years until their marriage, began to be shaken by Park Hae-ryun (Jeon No-min), and Lee Si-eun (Jeon Soo-kyung), who knew nothing but work and family, suffered from betrayal. In the end, Park Hae-ryun, who slept with another woman on her daughter’s birthday in the last scene of season 1, and Lee Si-eun, who had no idea, are drawing attention to what kind of narrative she will build in season 2.

In this regard, Jeon Soo-kyung and Jeon Noh-min’s “meeting at an impromptu cafe” have been spotted, attracting attention. In the play, Lee Si-eun and Park Hae-ryun meet in a space other than their home and have a war of words. Lee Si-eun, who gradually became emotional while the two were talking in a serious atmosphere, vomits her anger. On the other hand, Park Hae-ryun talks with a troubled face and bows his head and suffers. Attention is focusing on what the husband in his 50s, who has become a public enemy, said and whether he is acting to anger viewers in season 2.

Jeon Soo-kyung, who showed delicate inner acting as Lee Si-eun, who was so busy with work and lyrics that it was hard to decorate in season 1, expressed her special feelings, saying, “My heart was beating because I was so excited after receiving the script for season 2.” He then explained the scene, saying, “I prepared a lot to revive Lee Si-eun’s detailed feelings as much as I can, and fortunately, I finished filming well with concentration.” “Please look forward to Lee Si-eun’s performance, which I couldn’t show you in season 1.” “Season 2,” which will showcase a more explosive story than season 1, is also expected to be loved by viewers,” he said, expressing pride in season 2.

Jeon No-min, who showed an unconventional acting transformation by playing Park Hae-ryun, a husband who is completely different from his wife in season 1, said, “I’m thrilled that ‘Finally Song’, which was a new challenge for me, is already set for season 2 beyond season 1.” “I’m afraid of how much more I’ll get cursed at, but ‘Finally Song 2’ is a thrilling work. “Please watch ‘Final Song 2’ that I’m waiting for.”

“Jeon Soo-kyung and Jeon No-min drew attention every time by portraying the changing emotional waves of couples in their 50s with detailed emotions,” the production team said. “I hope you will check the relationship between couples in their 50s who showed the epic until the end of the first season.”

Meanwhile, the new CHOSUN drama “Love 2” will premiere at 9 p.m. on June 12.


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