Rapper Cheetah on ‘The House Detox’…”Narae bar in the Comedy Community, and Cheetah Bar in the Hip hop Community”

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Rapper Cheetah said if there’s a Narae Bar in the comedy community, there’s a Cheetah in the hip-hop community.

Cheetah’s mother and daughter appeared as clients in the preview of tvN’s entertainment program “New Cleanup,” which was pre-released on the 18th.

In the video, Cheetah’s house used the largest master bedroom as a dressing room. Shin Ae-ra said, “I gave clothes to the big room,” and Park Na-rae said, “There is a shop behind the dress room.” There’s a lot of cosmetics here, too.”

Park Na-rae introduced Cheetah’s house as a hot place for celebrities. “If there’s a Narae Bar in the comedy community, there’s a Cheetah in the hip-hop community.”

In the interview, Cheetah said, “We have a big family. It’s a family of eight. It’s true that I can’t organize it. There’s something mixed up.” She then said, “My mother has been at home for a long time, so I want her to be a convenient house.”

After a fresh arrangement, my mother saw the transformed house and said, “Wow, my fever rises. Didn’t you take your blood pressure medication this morning? It tastes like I’ve been beaten,” she said. Cheetah hugged her mother, saying, “Let’s live well,” creating warmth.

Meanwhile, tvN’s entertainment show “The House Detox” airs every Monday at 10:30 p.m. “The House Detox” is a program that organizes things in “home,” which is my own space, and shares know-how that adds happiness to the space.


Photo| tvN ‘The House Detox’ preview video
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