‘Tuesday Sport Event’ Eun Ga-eun and Shin In-sun hugged each other

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Hong Ji-yoon and Eun Ga-eun of “Miss Trot 2” and Shin In-sun and Lee Dae-won of “Mr Trot” will announce their big success as a “one-day business couple” full of pink mood on TV CHOSUN’s “Tuesday Sport Event.”

Under the slogan “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind”, TV CHOSUN’s “Tuesday Sport Event” is a vital charging variety program in which the blue and white teams compete without concessions.

In the fourth episode, which will air on the 18th, Hong Ji-yoon, Lee Dae-won, Eun Ga-eun, Shin In-sun, and singer Kang-jin and Kim Hyo-sun, comedians Hong Hyun-hee and Jayson, singers Sung-min and Kim Sa-eun, and their mother-in-law, Yoon Seok-min, who showed strong chemistry in “Taste of Wife,” will not appear.

Above all, Hong Ji-yoon and Eun Ga-eun of “Miss Trot 2” and Shin In-sun and Lee Dae-won of “Mr Trot” participated as “one-day business couple,” drawing attention by creating an unexpected pink atmosphere. The members of “Miss & Mr. Trot” were caught on the MC’s radar network as they threw a subtle mood while focusing on the game. Hong Ji-yoon and Lee Dae-won emphasized that they would only play games, saying, “It’s not my style,” but when Lee Dae-won succeeded in a short time with a powerful rush like a former martial arts fighter, Hong Ji-yoon suddenly expressed his crush, saying, “Lee Dae-won looks fine.”

In particular, Eun Ga-eun and Shin In-sun, “a couple older than four years,” also drew attention in the face of a big twist. Before the start of the game, Eun Ga-eun was confident that “Well, a boyfriend younger than me? Not bad.” but when Shin In-sun showed her great performance, she ran to hug her, causing laughter. People are curious about what amazing “Younger boyfriend’s charm” she showed for Eun Ga-eun.

On the other hand, Kang Jin, who is called “Kang Yo-mi of Tuesday Sport Event” for her lovely charm that makes her forget her age, participated in “Tuesday Sport Event” with her wife Kim Hyo-sun, who was a former sister of the White Sisters, which made her laugh with an unexpected baby-like side. At home, Kang Jin, who leaves all the bad work and hard work to his wife Kim Hyo-sun, also handed over all the hard games to his wife, who was criticized by all the wives at the scene.

Since then, Kang-jin has given his wife loud orders, such as having her face the penalty wind on behalf of him and using her weight to run, giving her a big laugh in each game. At the same time, Kang Jin showed off his perfect couple chemistry with his wife, saying, “It’s because my wife is better at everything.”

In the broadcast on this day, an all-time couple game that surpasses “Moving a bucket of water” appeared, drawing attention. From the “Gyun-woo and Jik-nyeo” game, where they had to run and leave kiss marks to the other couple’s laundry, there were many situations where they did not know whether it was a game or a fight. Finally, the MCs are causing expectations as they are trying to stop the fight due to the couple’s desire to win.

The production team said, “Real steamed games that only couples can play will give viewers a laugh bomb in ‘Tuesday Sport Event’ prepared for Family Month,” adding, “Please look forward to the fun and exciting times of laughter more than ever.”


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