‘Voice 4’ Kim Jae-wook, Kwon Yul, and Park Byung-eun announced the appearance of new villains in Lee-eul

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

“Voice 4,” which will meet viewers through tvN in June, will unveil two first teaser videos to announce the emergence of a new villain in season 4.

tvN’s “Voice 4: Judgment Time” (directed by Shin Yong-hwi/written by Ma Jin-won/produced studio dragon, voice production/14 episodes), which announced the legend’s return to season 4, is a sound-tracking thriller about 112 reporting center members who defend golden time at the crime scene.

Season 4 will feature a new Golden Time collaboration between a voice profiler and a principled detective who is cornered by a criminal with the same ability as him, with a murderer committing a brutal crime with invitation power. In particular, writer Ma Jin-won, who created the “Voice” series with solid writing skills, and director Shin Yong-hwi, who gave unique immersion and chewy thrill with “Tunnel” and “Cross,” will work together to create another myth.

Meanwhile, tvN’s “Voice 4” is drawing attention by releasing two types of teaser videos on the 18th (Tuesday) that herald the re-appearance of the Golden Time team and the emergence of a new villain.

In the first teaser video released, Hana Lee (played by Kwon-Joo Kang) amplifies the tension as she faces the past crisis like a traumatic nightmare, while the second teaser video shows the villains who led the shocking development of ‘Voice’ every season. Season 1’s Jae-wook Kim (plays Tae-gu Mo), Season 2’s Kwon Yul (plays Je-soo Bang), and Season 3’s Park Byung-eun (plays Masayuki Kaneki). Previously, Kim Jae-wook was drowsy and sexy, Kwon-yul was moderately frightened, and Park Byung-eun made viewers creepy with the final evolutionary villain that combines the two.

Especially, “That ear, you have to pay for it, right?” “Long time no see. The villains’ signature lines, such as “This feeling” and “Yeah. Why are you acting up?” remind us of the shock that the voice gave us. Above all, “Voice” provides upgraded tension and immersion over the season, and Lee Ha-na’s “Code Zero Incident”. Just a request for the Golden Time team to be dispatched again raises questions about the new case that the Golden Time team will pursue.

Attention is focusing on the emergence of a new villain who will succeed Kim Jae-wook of season 1, Kwon Yul of season 2, and Park Byung-eul of season 3, and whatever he imagines will be more than that.

“Voice 4,” which announced the legend’s return, will premiere on tvN in June 2021.



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