Ahn Bo-Hyun pictorial…He showed of his healty body

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Ahn Bo-hyun’s intense and wild fashion pictorial has been released.

In the pictorial titled “MAN FROM EARTH,” which was held in the June issue of “Arena Homme Plus,” Ahn Bo-hyun caught the eye with a light pose, solid forearms and clear abs under the hot sun. Rumor has it that his relaxed expression in front of the camera and his pose and staff at the scene all poured out praise.

Ahn Bo-hyun is an actor with a phenomenal aspect. Running from Seoul to Busan on a bicycle, selling and filling food from wallpapers to household chores, knowing the hard work of cooking fishing creatures and entering the mouth, fulfilling any dream of learning in Seoul without any connection, and Ahn Bo-hyun, who knows the taste of hardship, saves himself.

In an interview, he said, “I’m from Busan, and I’ve been looking for things that I can heal in other places alone. I’ve rode a bike from Seoul to Busan.” “I can easily run about 100 kilometers a day,” he said. “People’s hobbies change as they get older. They say try golf, but I’m still the same. Even now, I’m sweating, and I like to use my body.”

Ahn Bo-hyun, a “DIY-type human” who rolls his feet to Busan, converts old cars into camping cars, remodels houses, and cooks fishing, said, “I feel a sense of accomplishment in self-sufficiency.” I am accustomed to rewriting and saving money from when I live alone in Seoul. “I came to Seoul with a dream, and if I didn’t do that, I couldn’t survive.” After 11 years living alone in Seoul, he first started in Sillim-dong. “There were a lot of young people like me who came from rural areas. Seeing them, I was stimulated and lived hard. There was no part-time job that I haven’t done. I dreamed of becoming an actor while playing two jobs and three jobs.”

“I can’t lie,” Ahn said in a clear and calm way about his days in obscurity. I’m telling you, I can’t lie about how I’ve lived. “I don’t use expedients, I like to move my body hard,” he said, revealing a healthy mindset.

Ahn Bo-hyun, who has no qualms about showing what kind of person he is, also shows his unspoiled “steamed” hobbies on his own YouTube channel, said, “This is me. I just want to be a human being. The image wrapped in a veil doesn’t fit me. “I’m going to operate a channel that I can watch comfortably without dragging it.”

Having lived honestly and firmly, he says he believes in “the power of words”. “It’s going to work out. It’s going to work out. It’s a phrase that I always memorize like a spell while wearing my usual necklace in the morning. I use this word a lot in letters and autographs. May it come true as you wish. That word has led me and I hope it will continue to lead me.”

Meanwhile, Ahn Bo-hyun, who is filming the original webtoon drama “Yumi’s Cells” and finished filming Netflix drama “My Name,” said, “If last year was the year when Ahn Bo-hyun was announced with “Itaewon Class” and “Kairos,” I hope this year will be a solid year to establish himself as an actor.” “I can’t wait to show you as much as I’ve worked hard on it.”

Ahn Bo-hyun’s full pictorial and honest interviews can be found in the June issue of “Arena Homme Plus” and its website.


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