Bae Yoon-jung unveiled her photo…33 weeks since my pregnancy

[Intern reporter Kim Jae-eun on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Choreographer Bae Yoon-jung announced the latest in term.

On the 20th, Bae Yoon-jung posted a post on her Instagram and said, “Please save it. Wow… I’m 33 weeks old, but my stomach is really big. Now I’m struggling with it day by day with a real full-term feeling. Girl. It’s hard, I can’t do anything. Seniors, please let me know. #33 week pregnant woman #8 month pregnant woman #preparation for full term #Bae Yoon-jung”.

In the video released together, Bae Yoon-jung is looking in the mirror while touching the D-line’s belly. The appearance of Bae Yoon-jung, who keeps taking pictures of the ship as if it were strange, caught the eye.

The members of the group Iowa who saw this wrote warm comments. Choi Yoo-jeong cheered for “Teacher Fighting!” and Jung Chae-yeon said, “Wow! You are great!”. Bae Yoon-jung taught their dance in the Mnet entertainment program ‘Produce 101’.

Meanwhile, Bae Yoon-jung married her 11-year-old lover in 2019. Bae Yoon-jung, who succeeded in conceiving through an in vitro procedure last year, is about to give birth.

Photo l Yoonjung Bae SNS

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