‘Imitation’ Jung Ji-so Lee Jun-young captures a secret contact

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

A secret encounter between Jung Ji-so and Lee Joon-young was spotted under the pretext of “Imitation.”

KBS2’s Friday drama “Imitation” (director Han Hyun-hee, writer Kim Min-jung Choi Sun-young, production hidden sequence, planning Kakao Entertainment, KBS) is an idol tribute to all stars who dream of real life in line with the era of 1 million idol entertainment exams. Among them, “Imitation” unveiled the stills of Jung Ji-so (Ma-ha) and Lee Joon-young (Power Station), who faced each other before the third episode’s broadcast today (21st).

In the last broadcast, Kwon (played by Lee Joon-young) gave a padding to Mach (played by Jung Ji-so), who was walking alone on the night road, and brought a strong excitement to the small screen with his cold-hearted face. Furthermore, at the end of the broadcast, Ma-ha and Kwon appeared on an entertainment program together and disappointed Macha, whose power has degenerated into a Larima cover singer, drawing keen attention to their relationship.

In this regard, the released still contains Jung Ji-so and Lee Joon-young’s secret “padding tangential” drawing attention. Jung Ji-so approached Lee Joon-young to return the padding he borrowed. In particular, Lee Joon-young is silently looking at Jung Ji-so, and his eyes seem to be mixed with various emotions, including disappointment and sadness, raising interest.

On the other hand, Jung Ji-so gives a padded coat and looks at Lee Joon-young as if he has something to say, which raises questions. Above all, Jung Ji-so’s hard expression without laughter and solid eyes that feel determined cause tension. This raises questions about what Jung Ji-so will say to Lee Joon-young and their story.

In addition, the ideal height difference between Jung Ji-so and Lee Joon-young and the perfect visual chemistry create excitement. In particular, the two people’s expressionless eye contact alone makes their hearts race, and high expectations are high for the third episode, which will air today (21st), to contain their extraordinary chemistry.

The production team of “Imitation” said, “Jung Ji-so and Lee Joon-young will continue their unbreakable relationship after seven years ago.” “Please pay attention to the story of the two people, who are accumulating more and more as the episodes go on.”

The third episode of “Imitation” will air at 11:20 p.m. today.



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