KBS is discussing its future course of Kim Tae-jin, who demonized Jaejae

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

With broadcaster Kim Tae-jin apologizing for demonizing Jaejae, KBS is discussing Kim Tae-jin’s future course.

“We are discussing Kim Tae-jin’s future course of action,” a KBS official told Maeil Economic Star Today on the 21st.

Kim Tae-jin is appearing as a reporter on “Year Middle Live,” which is broadcast live every Friday. Attention is focusing on whether Kim Tae-jin will appear on “Year Middle Live” and comment on the controversy.

Earlier on the 18th, Kim Tae-jin appeared on a streaming broadcast titled “Broken Kim Tae-jin Bites Jae-jae,” which was held on YouTube channel Maebul Show, and shot Jae-jae with the production team of KBS2’s “Entertainment Broadcasting.”

“Who watches ‘Entertainment Weekly’?” Kim Tae-jin said. “I will do really well if I am given an hour like ‘MMTG’.” “There is a saying that says ‘Interview only as much as you have for me’ these days,” he said. “When I prepare for an interview, I look at all ten pages of related materials and memorize them.” “But only strange things were edited out on the show, so I look like a stupid sh***.”

As Kim Tae-jin’s remarks became controversial, his agency HJ Film made an official statement on the 19th and apologized, “Kim Tae-jin is sincerely reflecting on his careless words and actions, and I am very sorry to KBS, who has been with Jae-jae for 18 years.”

However, the controversy continues on the KBS viewer rights center bulletin board on the 19th, with a petition titled “Is it KBS that created reporter Kim Tae-jin?”

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