Lee Jung-hyun confirmed to appear in ‘Shark: The Beginning’ [Official]

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Lee Jung-hyun will appear in the movie “Shark: The Beginning,” based on Kakao Page Webtoon.

“Shark: The Beginning” (director Chae Yeo-joon, screenplay Min-ji, original luck, Kim Woo-seop, production JTBC Studio, co-produced To You Dream, provided: TVing) is a real survival action film in which Cha Woo-sol (Kim Min-seok) meets mixed martial arts champion Jung Do-hyun (Wi Ha-joon) and breaks his limits one by one. The main character Cha Woo-sol was cast as actor Kim Min-seok and Bae Seok-chan, who is opposed to Cha Woo-sol, was cast as actor Jung Won-chang and actor Wi Ha-joon as Cha Woo-sol’s mentor Jung Do-hyun.

In the drama, Lee Jung-hyun plays the role of Han Sung-yong, the head of the bakery class in the juvenile prison. He is usually witty and playful, but he is serious and charismatic when competing with someone, and he has a quick brain spin as he plans to become a strong player in prison. Lee Jung-hyun is looking forward to what he will look like in the scene against actor Kim Min-seok, who plays the main character.

The webtoon “Shark” is a representative webtoon of Kakao Page, attracting 1.5 million subscribers and is widely loved as a work that ranks at the top of the million-seller webtoon list. Based on the webtoon in question, the movie “Shark: The Beginning” is co-produced by JTBC Studio Lululala with the original company “To You Dream.”
It will be released on TVING on June 17.

Lee Jung-hyun left a special impression on viewers with strong performances regardless of genres such as the movie “The Battleship Island,” “Man of Will,” “Park Yeol” and “Seven Years of Night.” He played the role of executive Tsuda on tvN’s “Mr. Sunshine” and received public attention for his realistic performance. He has recently appeared on tvN’s “On and Off” and is active across screens and cathode ray tubes, showing his overflowing passion for acting.


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