Lee Young-ae, Go Hyun-jung, Jeon Do-yeon comeback… Will their name value work?

Go Hyun-jung, Lee Young-ae, and Jeon Do-hyun. Photo l Star Today DB

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Special actresses are making a comeback to the home theater. Go Hyun-jung, Lee Young-ae, and Jeon Do-yeon confirmed their appearance in the drama and finished preparing to meet the viewers.

The return of luxury actresses with talents and acting skills is expected to add a variety of enjoyment to viewers and abundance to the home theater. Particularly, as actresses who have passed their 40s and reached their 50s, are expecting their comeback.

Go Hyun-jung will film the JTBC drama ‘A person who resembles you’. It has been two years since KBS2 ‘My Lawyer, Mr. Jo 2: Crime and Punishment’. This drama is a chi-jeong and revenge drama that tells the story of a woman who was faithful to her desire and another woman who lost the light of her life by meeting the woman.

Go Hyun-jung, who started shooting in earnest since January, is sharpening a knife for this work. By removing the old flesh, a great success in the diet, and renewing her beauty in Leeds, she predicted the resurrection of Queen Melo.

‘A person who resembles you’ is written by Yoo Bo-ra of the drama ‘Rain or Shine’, and directed by Lim Hyun-wook of ‘Life’ and ‘Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency’. The production crew of’A person who resembles you’ said, “From the planning stage, I thought of Go Hyun-jung as the actor who can best express the solid inner side of the character ‘Hee-joo’.” I will do my best to show synergy with this manna.”

Go Hyun-jung played the role of ‘Hee-joo’, who became a painter and essay writer after passing through her poor and fierce youth. Although she achieved a successful life and married the successor of the hospital foundation, she even had a happy family, but she is a mother of two children and a wife of a man, who regrets the time passed by meaninglessly.

As each work has shown irreplaceable charm and charisma, hot attention is paid to the value of the name to be shown in this work.

Lee Young-ae is a brand that goes beyond an actor. Choosing a drama in 4 years and preparing for transformation.

The drama ‘Koo Kyung-i’, which Lee Young-ae chose after hard work, is a full-fledged hard-boiled comedy genre that depicts the investigation process of an insurance investigator Kyung-yi, an insurance investigator who investigates a murder disguised as a complete crime. He advocated a ‘obsessed investigation’ that she had never seen before.

Lee Young-ae plays the life of an insurance investigator who tracks the true culprit of a murder without a criminal who is completely disguised as an accident while investigating an insurance fraud case as Kyeong-i, a former policeman who lived with her back on the world. She is a person with an extraordinary brain who feels joy only in solving an unprecedented case rather than realizing justice, and is a person who fiercely rushes toward the truth of the case regardless of means or method.

KEYEAST, which claims to be a full-fledged content studio, after creating ‘Hyenas’, ‘The School Nurse Files’, etc., and Group8, the production company of ‘Palace’, ‘Boys over Flowers’, and ‘True Beauty’, are co-produced. In addition, the promising rookie co-author team Sung Choi from Han Ye-jong will lead the screenplay, and PD Lee Jeong-heum, who proved her skills through “nobody knows” and “manipulation,” raises the expectation even more. Various love calls from domestic channels and global OTT are flooding with the news of Lee Young-ae’s drama comeback.

Jeon Do-yeon returns to a drama with Ryu Jun-yeol and a deep emotion. JTBC’s new drama ‘Human Disqualification’ (director Heo Jin-ho, Park Hong-su, playbook Kim Ji-hye), scheduled to be broadcast this half year, is a comeback.

‘No Longer Human’ tells the story of ordinary people walking toward the light, suddenly realizing that ‘there wasn’t nothing’ in the middle of a downhill road in life. A woman who lost her way without being able to do nothing (played by Jeon Jeon), a man at the end of her youth who was afraid of being able to do nothing (by Jun-yeol Ryu), and the two men and women faced in intense darkness, the story of healing and sympathy for the heartache of the two men and women facing intense darkness. Drawn.

The writing was written by Kim Ji-hye, who freely crosses the boundaries of laughter, tears, and emotions such as the movie ‘Wish’, ‘My Love, My Bride,’ and ‘Introduction to Architecture’. Jeon Do-yeon, returning to the drama five years after ‘Good Wife’, took on the role of a ghostwriter, ‘Negong’, who wanted to become a writer. She has tried her best, but one day she faces herself, who has failed, and loses the reason for her life. Infidelity, standing on the steep descent of life, crosses the line of darkness and walks into it.

Jeon Do-yeon is expected to portray a large emotional change that goes back and forth between the loss of negativity, anxiety, emptiness and loneliness, living with a chore of pain.

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