‘Famous Singer Exhibition’ Lee Seung-yoon reveals his own song in front of his role model, Lee Jeok

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Lee Seung-yoon will perform his own song in front of Lee Jeok, a role model.

In the eighth episode of JTBC’s “Famous Singer Exhibition,” which will air at 9 p.m. on the 25th, Lee Jeok will be on the show as a “genius singer-songwriter” who comforts the public with emotional lyrics will participate as a famous singer. Lee’s visit to a famous family is also eye-catching in that it is a meeting with Lee Seung-yoon. During the final round of “Sing Again,” Lee Seung-yoon won the championship by selecting “Water” of the transfer.
Usually, “My music is a fragment of Lee Jeok,” and “I want to invite them as a famous singer,” constantly citing Lee Jeok as a role model, amplifying expectations for the two’s meeting. In addition, singer Choi Ye-geun of “Sing Again” No. 23 and Seo Young-joo of No. 26 Nerd Connection will be present in this broadcast.

In the recent filming of “Famous Singer Exhibition,” Lee Seung-yoon expressed his affection for Lee by claiming to be the “one-day knight” of Lee Jeok. Lee Jeok also predicted the collaboration stage of the two, saying, “It was amazing and grateful that I sang the song ‘Water’ in the final.” “Let’s sing a duet with the arrangement today and release a song if it comes out well.”

The two, who met personally in March for a drink, also revealed the behind-the-scenes story of the day. In particular, Lee Jeok exposed Lee Seung-yoon’s injection, which made him laugh. Lee Seung-yoon also had time to perform his own song in front of Lee Jeok, a role model. Lee Seung-yoon’s explosive performance, which was also admired by Lee, will be revealed on the show.

Meanwhile, on this day, Lee Jeok was recognized as a “pop minstrel” with sympathetic lyrics, so he gave tips to famous singers. “The first line is the most important,” Lee said.
Subsequently, a “Lee Jeok writing contest” was held in which famous singers made their own songs in line with the theme of improvisation. The famous singers had a chance to introduce the song after completing their own song in 20 minutes, burning their genius. Lee Jeok was amazed by the songs of the most successful singers. In particular, Lee Jeok was surprised and there was a cast member who recognized his composing and writing skills.

Legendary singer Lee Jeok’s visit to a famous family and his surprising lyricist and songwriter can be found on JTBC’s “Famous Singer Exhibition,” which airs at 9 p.m. on May 25 (Tuesday).


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