‘Gold Class’ Lee Yoon-ji “I submitted a petition for the case of ‘Child abuse against Jeong-in’, thinking about my two daughters”

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Lee Yoon-ji said she submitted a petition at the time of the so-called “Jeong-in Incident.”

Professor Lee Soo-jung, a criminal psychologist, appeared on Channel A’s entertainment program “Golden Class” (hereinafter referred to as “Golden Class”), which aired on the 23rd, dealing with child abuse.

Professor Lee Soo-jung mentioned Jeong-in’s case (a case that eventually killed a 16-month-old adopted child despite several suspected abuse reports) as an example of child abuse.

In response, Lee Yoon-ji said, “I recently went to the post office to file a petition regarding the incident. On the way to walk, it was so dark in front of me, I remembered Jeong-in, my two daughters and other kids next door. I felt so much that things could happen so commonly around us.”

Jang Young-ran also said, “I also went to the post office (to submit a petition). I was so grateful that there were so many petitions. I was moved not only by myself, but also by the fact that many people were together.”


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