‘My Little Old Boy’ Go Eun-ah, “I’m a celebrity!” Celebrity self-proven

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Go Eun-ah warmed up the Sunday night with real life.

‘My Little Old Boy’, which was broadcast on the 23rd, recorded 13.9% of the household audience rating (based on the second part of the metropolitan area) and 4.3% target audience rating of 2049, which is an indicator of topicality and competitiveness, ranking first in Sunday entertainment.

In the scene where Go Eun-ah proves that she is a ‘celebrity’ to her nephew and his friend, the highest rating per minute soared to 14.9%, giving a laugh.

On this day, Go Eun-ah was depicted taking care of her niece and her niece friends who had left school at the request of her sister.

Hearing this, my nephew’s friend asked, “You don’t have a boyfriend, right?” So, Go Eun-ah said, “You are confirming by say that way. You should ask ‘Do you have boyfriend?’ To her friends who don’t believe this, she showed the screen of the past Ion Beverage CF, saying, “I’ll tell you who I am.” But when my nephew’s friends said, “It’s not your aunt,” Go Eun-ah said, “This is me. I’m an aunt celebrity,” she shouted and laughed.


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