‘Doom at Your Service’ Park Bo-young, full of vitality even in the 100-day time limit

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Park Bo-young of tvN’s “Doom at Your Service” is mesmerizing viewers by breaking down into a vital “wanting” despite the 100-day deadline.

tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “One Day, Falling Into My House” (directed by Kwon Young-il/scripted by Im E-ari/Planning & Production Studio & New, Studio Dragon) is leading a hot response with perfect harmony, including new materials, sensuous production and actors’ good performances.

Among them, Park Bo-young is drawing attention by spreading super-positive energy to the small screen as a human “Dong-kyung” character equipped with all-time vitality. Tak Dong-kyung, played by Park Bo-young, has lived her life calmly without shedding tears for her aunt and beloved brother who took care of her and her younger brother even after losing her parents as a child. In particular, Dong-kyung aroused the viewers’ desire to cheer by thinking about those who would be left behind before him by taking a portrait picture even after being sentenced to 100 days.

Since then, Dong-kyung has caught the eye with a bold charm that does not care about the time limit. Dong-kyung expressed anger at the CEO of the company, who poured out harsh words to him, asking him to introduce Gina (Shin Do-hyun), and gave everything he wanted to say as an excuse for his work. The strong charm of yearning for those who cross the line made even those who see it hollowed out.

In particular, Dong-kyung held the hand of destruction, a transcendent being, in fear of death and suffering, but never surrendered in the face of destruction that presses itself under the pretext of it. On the contrary, Dong-kyung proposed cohabitation to the destruction, and declared love to the destruction to protect the loved one, creating feelings in the heart of the cold frozen destruction. Above all, the yearning made us feel strong vitality again by unknowingly bringing life to the devastated world of colorless destruction.

In this respect, the human yearning played by Park Bo-young has a special charm. It is drawing attention in that she is an independent and vital woman who does not rely on anyone and does not give in the face of death. Furthermore, Park Bo-young is raising the immersion level of the play by portraying a positive energy and vitality of human longing in a more three-dimensional way even 100 days before her death based on her bright and lovely unrivaled charm and solid acting. As a result, expectations are even higher for Park Bo-young’s performance through the “Dong-kyung” character, which has the all-time vitality to penetrate the spirit of destruction, a transcendent being.

Meanwhile, tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Doom at Your Service” is a life-secured fantasy romance between “Destruction” who is the reason for everything disappearing, and “Dong-Kyung,” a human who risked his life not to disappear. Episode 5 will air at 9 p.m. on the 24th.



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