‘Voice King’ shows various performances… Belly dance → emotional ventilation guitar

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Various performances will be held, from belly dance of ‘Voice King’ to playing acoustic guitar.

MBN’s super-large vocal survival ‘Voice King’ (planning/directing Park Tae-ho) is refreshing the legend every time and is coloring the whole country with the ‘Voice King’ craze. Regardless of genre and career, male vocalists gathered in one place, captivating viewers with their unique stage.

The 7th episode of ‘Voice King’, which airs on the 25th, is also anticipated as spectacular stages that can not take their eyes off are announced.

First of all, B-boy singer Hwang Ki-dong and world bellydance champion An Won-joong are in a performance confrontation. Among them, Hwang Ki-dong, who opened the stage with a beatbox, is said to have triggered goosebumps of the Kingmaker and audience evaluation team by using high-level b-boying skills while singing.

On the other hand, Ahn Won-joong was said to have taken the soul of everyone on the scene with the belly dance that dominated the world. In addition to the performance that maximizes their strengths, the sparkling confrontation between the two who did not miss the basic song adds to the tension of the scene, raising curiosity vertically.

The morning star of ‘Voice King’ and the teenage participants have also prepared a challenging stage. Song-ho Jang, a prodigy of defeat, has prepared a dance that he did not show in the first round, and Ahn Ki-baek, a sound guitar singer of Hyoja, has prepared a song that maximizes the sensitivity of the guitar.

Participants devoted everything to survive the 1:1 deathmatch. Their unique performance feast can be found in the 7th episode of MBN ‘Voice King’, which airs at 9:50 pm on Tuesday, May 25th.


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