‘Comeback on June 2nd’ Mamamoo announces first ballad title after debut

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group Mamamoo makes a comeback with the first ballad title after their debut.

Mamamoo presented a teaser video for the Destiny version of the new mini album ‘WAW’ through the official YouTube channel today (25th) at 0 o’clock.

The video starts with Solar in a chic black leather outfit, Hwasa, who emphasizes the avant-garde charm with a white long dress, Wheein, who mixes and matches a classic outfit, and Moonbyul, who shows off an urban style with a mannish look.

In particular, the magnificent sound source of the title song is first released against the backdrop of lights embroidered like stars, and the emotional voice of Moonbyul is added to Solar’s cool singing ability, giving a deep resonance.

Like this, Mamamoo is leading the peak of expectations for the new album by sequentially releasing various contents that give a glimpse of the atmosphere of the new album, from concept photos with various charms to teaser videos.

Moreover, Mamamoo will select the title song as a ballad for the first time since debut, and will show off vocal skills as a representative K-pop girl group, and the curiosity about the new song wrapped in the veil has been amplified.

Mamamoo’s new mini-album ‘WAW’ is the first chapter that marks the beginning of the 2021 project ‘Where Are We (WAW)’, and it contains honest feelings and thoughts about the things Mamamoo has been through constantly after debut.

On the other hand, Mamamoo is launching a full-fledged 2021 project ‘Where Are We (WAW)’ such as summer concerts and documentaries, starting with the release of the new mini album ‘WAW’ on the 2nd of next month.


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