Cyper Tan casts web drama ‘Phantom School’ [Official]

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Cyper Tan (real name Choi Seok-won) was cast as the protagonist of the web drama ‘Phantom School’.

Cyper’s management company Rain Company announced on the 25th that “Choi Seok-won was cast as the main character in the web drama ‘Phantom School’ produced by the drama production company Bamboo Network (YOUTUBE channel ‘B-Play’).”

The web drama ‘Phantom School’ is an action fantasy exorcism genre. It is a story of phantoms who try to disrupt the world by manipulating humans who have been engulfed by desires, and hunters who try to kill such phantoms and protect the peace of the world. Action, fantasy, exorcism, magic, etc. are covered in the fantasy worlds of demon and human beings, which were not seen in existing web dramas, and will provide a variety of attractions.

In ‘Phantom School’, Choi Seok-won plays the role of the male protagonist ‘Lee Do-gyeom’. Lee Do-gyeom is a senior in the grade of Kang Yoo-na (NC.A) and is a person who is the object of many students’ envy for her kind personality and handsome appearance. Choi Seok-won is planning to portray the warm and warm appearance of Lee Do-gyeom’s character and the mystery behind it.

Along with the news of the casting, Choi Seok-won said, “I challenged my first acting role as Lee Do-gyeom of ‘Phantom School’. I am excited and nervous, but I am doing my best to show a good image as an actor. Through this drama, we are going to show you a new look that is different from what was shown with Cypher’s bullets. Thank you for your support and expectation.”

Choi Seok-won debuted as an idol group Cyper in March. ‘Phantom School’, a web drama starring Choi Seok-won and NC.A, is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2021.

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